Dr. Oz, How Did You Get It So Wrong?

Dr. Oz1
Oh, Dr. Oz, what has happened that you are adding to the myths of diabetes? For you to say, "Type 1 is also called juvenile diabetes and you are born with it" Read more

Food, Virtuous Food

Grezzo - Boston
I was openly curious about how the chemistry of raw food would change the chemistry of me... Read more

Eating Abroad with Diabetes – Hong Kong

choi sum market cover
For the past year I’ve lived in Hong Kong, and while it is not exactly China, it is Cantonese. And there is a Cantonese saying, “Anything that walks, swims, crawls, or flies with its back to heaven is edible.” Read more

Home Alone With Diabetes

I woke up drenched in sweat, the sheets cold and clammy beneath me. I grabbed my phone and stumbled down the stairs, gripping the walls for support. Subconscious reflex led me to unlock the front door after I made it down the stairs. Read more

Bring On The Buckwheat

As a child, I don’t think I ever thought of buckwheat as food. To me, Buckwheat was the character in the television show... Read more

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