The Matzah Review

Standing in the kosher aisle of my local supermarket, I was confronted by more varieties of matzah than I (as a person who has attended a total of three Seders in my life) knew existed... Read more

Hard-to-Swallow Science

Sea Salt
As a cookbook author, the sodium recommendations make me nervous. What if you don’t eat much processed food? What if you and the people you are cooking for don’t have high blood pressure?... Read more

What is LADA?

A form of diabetes characterized by age, a lack of family history of type 2, a gradual increase in insulin requirements, positive antibodies, and decreasing ability to make insulin... Read more

One Lucky Duck

I’ve become curious as to whether raw food – vegan or not – might be a useful eating style for all types of diabetes... Read more

Review of: Still Even More Diet Sodas

Close your eyes. Now take a sip of root beer. Now forget what you’ve just drunk, and ask yourself: “What does this actually taste like?” …Answer: toothpaste! …Right?... Read more
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