My Father’s Last Beer

...these were men who knew about hard things, Spike in World War II, Charlie in World War I, my dad as an immigrant slipping away from Poland on a merchant ship - they understood sacrifice, but giving up beer because of "sugar," that seemed to stump them... Read more

Quinoa, Quinoa, Quinoa

Quinua -
With diabetes and the desperate need to find something filling to eat came my first encounter with quinoa, the Peruvian seed or pseudocereal rumored to have a mild effect on blood sugar... Read more

The Dark Side of Vitaminwater

Water - Home
The very name “vitaminwater” suggests that the product is simply water with added nutrients, disguising the fact that it’s actually full of added sugar... Read more

Diabetes Diagnosis, Before and After

“This seems to be type 1, and not gestational diabetes,” my new endocrinologist said, “and we’re treating two patients here: you and your baby.” Read more

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