The Voice of the Patient: An Interview with Treato’s Founder and CEO Gideon Mantel

Treato - Home, a social health website, was initially conceived after high-tech veteran and entrepreneur, Gideon Mantel, experienced a frustrating, real life event. Gideon's daughter had torn her ACL playing basketball, and he went online to look for other patients' experiences with this type of injury to learn how they coped. He couldn't find any relevant posts. It took him three days of intensive searching to find a post describing an identical injury and the medical procedure that helped. That... Read more

Effortless Diabetes Logging: A Review of Glooko

iPhone_cable_meter - home
Glooko is a cable that connects iPhones, iPods and iPads to a variety of different glucose meters and automatically downloads blood glucose readings, eliminating the need for you to manually write down records. Read more

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