From Carbs to Greens: The Dreams of a Type 2 Diabetic

Recently I dreamed someone who knew a thing or two about good eating led me to an Italian deli/lunch counter in some cosmopolitan city. The display case featured many dishes. Double-decker focaccia sandwiches caught my eye, but I wistfully passed them up because I knew they were too carby for someone with type 2 diabetes. Read more

Understanding Privilege: D-Dad Volunteers for Life for a Child

Diabetes Clinic
There are no funds for blood glucose meters or strips so Dr. Pendsey guesstimates insulin doses by age and weight. Preliminary results from a baseline study led by Drs. Zuijdwijk, Ahmet and Pendsey suggest suggests that average A1Cs are very high. LFAC supports about 100 of the Dream Trust’s patients, and is always trying to do more. Read more

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