Generation UCAN: A Breakthrough in Carbohydrate Technology

Generation UCAN - Meb Keflezighi
Kaufman says beyond the energy/sports drink market, Generation UCAN is examining applications for their product in the areas of fitness, weight management, and diabetes. Their forays into the diabetes market include independent studies on diabetes prevention through weight management and a clinical examination into the precise extent that Generation UCAN might curb overnight hypoglycemia episodes. Read more

Children With Diabetes Can Eat Candy

The candy situation is even more complicated for parents of children with diabetes. Not only are they faced with all of the candy, they have to figure out how to bolus for it. Factor in the candy they saw their child eat. Factor in the candy they think their child ate when no one was looking. Read more

Get Ready, Get Active, Take the Big Blue Test!

Big Blue Test 2012 - home
During the month leading up to November 14th, World Diabetes Day, you can participate in The Big Blue Test, one of the leading diabetes advocacy events of the year. When you take part in the Big Blue Test, not only do help yourself, you help others living with diabetes. Read more

Happy Anniversary: Our Most Popular Diabetes Blog Posts of the Year

ASL - 3rd Anniversary
From the outset Mike and I had envisioned ASweetLife as platform to share many voices of diabetes, and we are so grateful to the bloggers who have made this happen. We're really excited to kick off our fourth year with new bloggers. And now we're looking back at some of our most popular blog posts from October 2011 until today. Below are your favorites, in no particular order. Happy Anniversary to all of us! ... Read more

The Spa at Norwich Inn: A Healthy Vacation

The Spa at Norwich Inn
The Spa at Norwich Inn in Norwich, Connecticut, offers various programs for health and wellness, and I went there wondering what services it could provide for clients with diabetes. Read more

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