Jay Dickman Captures A Day in the Life of Diabetes

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I took the approach that I wanted to capture the energy of these people's lives and that these people are all moving forward. Diabetes is not a debilitating experience for them. Their lives didn’t come to a screeching halt. Llife goes on. You deal with what you’ve been dealt. Read more

Diabesties: An App That Connects People With Diabetes

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My diabesties, as we began to call ourselves, were also struggling to manage diabetes in college. The three of us agreed that it was time to take responsibility and to hold each other and ourselves accountable for living healthy lives with diabetes. There was no reason for us to spend so much time feeling guilty, tired, frustrated, and sick. Read more

Psychological Support: The Missing Piece in Diabetes Care

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I am trying to spread the word to health care professionals to try out a new approach with their diabetes patients, one that involves connecting to them as human beings who need support, not just patients who need medication. It’s Diabetes Awareness Month and I can’t think of a better message to send than: No one is better qualified to change the field of diabetes care than those of us living each day with diabetes. Read more

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