Seven New Diabetes Products to Look for in 2013

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Not all of the diabetes products that we expected to be available in 2012 made it to market, but we hope that some of them will be approved in 2013 and will soon after be available in the U.S. Here are some of the diabetes products we're hoping to have in 2013 Read more

Grief, A Necessary Part of Accepting Diabetes

The five stages of grief
I don’t remember the first time I had to inject myself with a needle. I don’t remember being taught how to test my blood sugar. But I have many memories of being diagnosed with type 1 diabetes. In retrospect, the day of my diagnosis was the beginning of a long process of grieving my diabetes. Read more

Pregnancy with Diabetes: Where Can I Clip My Pump?

Pregnancy with Diabetes: Where Will I clip my Pump
But it’s a problem for women with diabetes. We need pockets for our insulin pumps, damnit! Many maternity pants have high elastic bands that slide all the way up the stomach, so there’s no waist band on which to attach the pump. And my bra size has already gone up significantly, making bra-wearing uncomfortable enough. Do I really want to clip my pump there every day? I accept that I’ll have to clip my pump to my bra... Read more

Dario: Turning Your Smartphone into an All-In-One Glucose Meter

Dario - Glucose Meter
The Dario glucose meter is an integrated unit that includes an adapter designed to connect to the audio jack of a smartphone. When the adapter is connected, a measurement is transmitted to the smartphone, turning the phone into a glucose monitor. The Dario also includes a built in lancing device loaded with disposable lancets and an integrated cartridge holding and dispensing 25 test strips. Read more

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