Doing Diabetes Right, but Getting it Wrong

Doing Diabetes Right, but Getting it Wrong

I woke up feeling extremely tired last Thursday morning, and could feel that my blood sugar was high. I couldn’t sit around drinking coffee and bolusing until I got it down because I needed to get blood work done that … Read more

The Danger of Doorknobs

The Danger of Doorknobs

Ever have one of those days where things aren’t going quite right? You overslept. You ran out of milk. You flipped on the light switch in your bathroom and Spark! It went out. I had that sort of morning recently. … Read more

Low Blood Sugar: Harder on Those We Love

Low Blood Sugar

As a diabetic I know that low blood sugar is difficult to deal with. But, for the people close to me, for the people who love me, it’s harder. My cousin Daniel once told me what it’s like sometimes when … Read more

What Do Your A1c Test Results Really Mean?

What Do Your A1c Test Results Really Mean?

The hemoglobin A1c test, as we all know, is supposed to give a sense of your average blood glucose levels over the past three months. But here’s a question for you: have you ever tried to figure out what those … Read more

Disruptive CGM Sounds

Dexcome 7 - Vibe and Beep Disable

Beep! Buzz, buzz. Beep! No, this sequence of sounds is not describing a car alarm or a cell phone going off. Rather, this is what my CGM does whenever I have a low alert, and it’s extraordinarily disruptive – especially … Read more

Diabetes in the Cold

14 degrees

I’ve never had so much to say about the weather. For a good part of January, we experienced something of a polar freeze here in New York.   The air was frigid and the snow fell. It took me back … Read more

Getting Back to Diabetes Basics

Diabetes Basics

This past week has been characterized by yo-yo blood sugars: one moment I’m sky high, the next I’m crashing to a terrible low. It’s been exhausting to look at my CGM and see a perfect zigzag on the monitor for … Read more

10 Things to Consider if Your Blood Sugar is High

10 Things to Consider if Your Blood Sugar is High

I just read Catherine’s piece about a series of pump and insulin failures (It’s great! Read it!), and I had to shake my head in that oh-I-so-feel-you way. I’m going on nearly two decades as a diabetic now, but Friday … Read more

My Sugary Slip-Up


This past week, I’ve had a few high blood sugars that I couldn’t quite explain. Today, I finally discovered my problem: I accidentally bought and drank regular soda instead of diet. Whoops. I noticed a couple days ago that my … Read more

That’s So Random


When I was in high school, the phrase du jour was, “That’s so random.” For example: “OMG, did you see the dress she was wearing?”“Yeah, that was so random!” “Hmm, I want ice cream.”“That’s so random.” And so on. As … Read more

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