Pod Failure: The OmniPod Problem

Pod Failure: The OmniPod Problem

  This past January, I celebrated my first insulin pump anniversary. I wrote a blog post in which I discussed the pros and cons of the insulin pump that I use, the OmniPod, to mark the occasion. Generally speaking, my … Read more

New CGM On The Way

New CGM On The Way

After the NYC Marathon in November, I decided I really needed a CGM. But, as is often the case with resolutions, I didn’t do anything about it until last week when I decided I was going for it. Maybe the … Read more

A Year in the Making: An OmniPod Review

My OmniPod makes me happy. And yes, that's a needle and lancet smiley face.

You know what’s kind of crazy to me? A year ago this month, I started using my OmniPod insulin pump. It marked my abandonment of injections for the first time in 17 years of having diabetes. In the past year, … Read more

OmniPod Failure and Frustration

Omnipod - When it works, it's great. But when it doesn't...

The pod was applied and my PDM’s “start” button was pressed. My body tensed in anticipation of the cannula inserting itself into my skin. It doesn’t cause excruciating pain, but the sensation isn’t exactly pleasant. I waited, listening to the … Read more

Making Diabetes Prettier With Pump Peelz

Pump Peelz for OmniPod

When I think about all the supplies associated with diabetes, “glamorous” or “cute” aren’t the first words that come to mind. This all changed, though, when I discovered Pump Peelz. I recently noticed some other members of the Diabetes Online … Read more

Body Image and the OmniPod: What I Didn’t Consider

Body Image and the OmniPod: What I Didn’t Consider

Approximately six months ago, I made the decision to go on the insulin pump. The thought of changing insulin therapy scared the hell out of me, but I was ready to see how pumping might improve my health. My pump … Read more

I love you, I hate you Toujeo


Toujeo is the new basal insulin from Sanofi. It’s not quite a replacement for Lantus as Sanofi will continue to sell Lantus. But, since a generic of Lantus will be coming on market later this year, it’s a new product for … Read more

My Big Improvements with OmniPod

My Big Improvements with OmniPod

A little more than a month ago, I started using an OmniPod insulin pump. Overall, the transition process (which is still ongoing as I make minor adjustments to my regimen) has been much different than I expected it to be. … Read more

My First Week on the OmniPod

This little blue cannula ensures delivery of my insulin.

My first week using the OmniPod insulin pump is officially complete! I still have much to learn about the pump and its functions, but I feel comfortable making a few solid judgments about it so far. The OmniPod consists of … Read more

Me ‘n My Pump

Me ‘n My Pump - priming at bus stop_drawing

My insulin pump is mostly a treasure. Except that lately it’s been driving. me. insane. PUMP IS NOT PRIMED NO DELIVERY This error message, with a vibrating Bzzzz, appears on my pump screen several times a week, and sometimes several … Read more

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