Disruptive CGM Sounds

Dexcome 7 - Vibe and Beep Disable

Beep! Buzz, buzz. Beep! No, this sequence of sounds is not describing a car alarm or a cell phone going off. Rather, this is what my CGM does whenever I have a low alert, and it’s extraordinarily disruptive – especially … Read more

Diabetes in the Cold

14 degrees

I’ve never had so much to say about the weather. For a good part of January, we experienced something of a polar freeze here in New York.   The air was frigid and the snow fell. It took me back … Read more

Learning to Use My New MiniMed 530G with Enlite CGM system

the MiniMed 503G with Enlite CGM arrives in a bigger box

It takes a while to make a change and learn something new. Last spring I knew I was eligible, through my health insurance company, for an insulin pump upgrade after six years on the same one. I’ve been a loyal … Read more

So… I Have Diabetes: The Roommate Discussion

So… I Have Diabetes: The Roommate Discussion

“Hi! I’m your new roommate, Molly. Oh yeah, I have diabetes!” “So, just one minor thing you ought to know… I have diabetes…” “If you like, ever see me shooting up, it’s not drugs. I mean it is, but not … Read more

Sleep No More: Diabetes and Sleep Deprivation

Diabetes and Sleep Deprivation

Without adequate sleep, I read in a recent Boston Globe article, “you get sick, fat, and stupid.” You’re at greater risk for problems including cancer, heart disease, weight gain, neuro-degenerative disease, and, yes, (type 2) diabetes. What’s more, according to … Read more

Hypoglycemia: Living On The Edge With Diabetes

Hypoglycemia - BG 35

Hypoglycemia is dangerous. It can actually be deadly. But somehow when I have a real episode of hypoglycemia, I mean a truly low low, the kind that wipes you out, it seems like just another part of the day. It … Read more

IDF World Congress in Melbourne: The IDF Takes New Steps to Stop Diabetes

IDF Melborn 2013

Last month I attended the International Diabetes Federation (IDF) World Congress in Melbourne. This was the largest diabetes conference ever held in Australia — with over10,000 clinicians, researchers, industry representatives and patients from 140 countries. And I felt a change in … Read more

S**T Happens, So Does Hypoglycemia

S**T Happens, So Does Hypoglycemia

That awkward moment when someone asks a (seemingly) innocent question about your diabetes and all you can do is shrug, because if you open your mouth obscenities will fly out of it… Okay, I’ll admit it: I’m on edge.  The … Read more

Life Without Byetta or Bydureon

Life Without Byetta or Bydureon

Last October, I started an experiment to see if I could do without Byetta or Bydureon after I got concerned over reports of pancreatitis and pancreatic cancer attached to the drugs. My fears may or may not be real, but the … Read more

Tiberias Marathon 2014: A Humbling Experience

Tiberias Marathon 2014

Last Friday I ran the Tiberias marathon, my 8th marathon, and my fourth Tiberias marathon.  Since the race, I have felt more than ever before just what a humbling experience running a marathon can be. I’d been hoping to set … Read more

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