The Pump or Injections . . . or Both?

The Pump or Injections . . . or Both?

I’ve been on an insulin pump for about 13 years now, and I love the convenience of being able to dose insulin without additional injections, and to create multiple basal rates per day. However, I’ve long had problems with absorption: … Read more

One Touch Verio IQ: The Replacement’s Replacement…Replaced.

One Touch Verio IQ Front

I’ve called customer service over at One Touch not once, not twice, but THREE times this week. Why? It all started with a minor problem my Verio IQ was experiencing… I wasn’t troubled by it at first. You see, when … Read more

Let’s Stop Lying About Diabetes

Let’s Stop Lying About Diabetes

You can’t “control” diabetes. The very nature of blood sugar — whether you have diabetes or not — is to go up and down. In a non-diabetic body, the pancreas sends out just the right amount of insulin to keep … Read more

College and Diabetes: Hello, Senior Year!

My awesome textbooks for this semester.

And goodbye, normalcy! My return back to school was nothing short of crazy, which means my diabetes has been a bit wild as well. On Labor Day, my family and I packed up two cars (!) worth of my belongings … Read more

Injecting Insulin: Liberating, Painful, And Not For Me

Injecting Insulin: Liberating, Painful, And Not For Me

It’s been over a week since I ripped out my infusion set and decided it was time for a break from my insulin pump. It wasn’t a rational decision, but rather one based mainly on frustration – an inability to … Read more

Throwing Cold Water on the ALS Ice Bucket Challenge

Ice Bucket

I’m trying to not be cynical about the ALS dump ice water on your head thing going on lately, but I’m failing. I think perhaps I’m failing because having diabetes at times makes me more suspicious about how people help … Read more

4 Perfect Low Blood Sugar Snacks


Some people remember the places they travel by the architecture, or the stunning landscapes. I remember them by the low blood sugar snacks I discovered there. In Senegal, it was outrageously ripe mangos, peeled for me on the side of … Read more

Pump Holiday

BG 300 - pump holiday

Sunday the 17th: 106, eat a little and bolus. A few hours later, 265. Bolus some more. Wait. Check, 298, then bolus some more. Wait, check, 255 (getting very frustrated). A few hours later, 222, change my infusion set, break … Read more

Tales of Molly’s Diabetes Adventures in Disney


Once upon a time, a young woman named Molly was bound for the magical Disney World for a week’s worth of fun and frolicking. Her tale does not involve hallmarks like evil witches, poisonous apples, fairy godmothers, spontaneous singing, or … Read more

Death of an Insulin Pump

Death of an Insulin

I was somewhere between jumping out of a moving raft and landing in the frothy Zambezi River when it hit me: this wasn’t going to end well. Not for me — in my comically oversized orange life jacket, I had … Read more

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