My First Night on the Artificial Pancreas

My First Night on the Artificial Pancreas

It’s all so weird and like no other experience I’ve ever had.  Lights-out exactly at 11pm and it was a mad dash to brush my teeth in time. I felt like a kid and when my Dad would count to … Read more

Two Toddlers and Their Brother Speak Out for Type 1 Diabetes

Hanson T1 Diabetes Awareness Video

As many of you know, this is diabetes month. I haven’t written anything particular to honor the occasion. For as a poster declares outside of Central train station in Amsterdam, “For people with diabetes every day is diabetes day.” But … Read more

Stair Breaks

These stairs couldn't look less inviting

Unbelievably, we’re more than halfway through the month of November – how did that happen? In any case, this means that I’m in the beginning stages of hibernation. In a college student’s dictionary, this is defined as the following: Hibernation … Read more

Low-Carb Diet Recommended For Diabetics

Low-carb diet recommended for diabetics

A couple of months ago, a study in the journal Nutrition caught my eye. Titled “Low-carb diet recommended for diabetics,” the study laid out twelve pieces of evidence for why reducing carbs should be the first line of defense for … Read more

Exams and Unexpected Hypos

Exams and Unexpected Hypos

If someone asked me what my least favorite part of college was, I would say it’s the exams. I understand they’re a necessary evil to evaluate my knowledge, but there are few things in this world that are more anxiety-provoking … Read more

How I Joined the Artificial Pancreas Project

Alecia with Tom Brobson

In June of 2013 I had the opportunity to hear Tom Brobson speak about his participation in the University of Virginia’s Artificial Pancreas Project. I was familiar with the AP project progress over the years and had gone to other … Read more

The Ultimate Guide to Raising a Child With Type 1 Diabetes (an Amazing eBook)

The Ultimate Guide to Raising a Child With Type 1 Diabetes (an Amazing eBook)

Joe Solowiejczyk is a registered nurse, certified diabetes educator, family therapist and magician at putting families on the road to recovery when their child has been diagnosed with Type 1 diabetes. With the publication of Solowiejczyk’s dynamic new digital video book, A … Read more

To Stack or not to Stack

To stack or not to stack...that is the question.

That is, indeed, the question. What exactly do I mean by stacking? This is when a person with diabetes takes multiple shots of insulin in a relatively short span of time. Personally, since I’m still on insulin shots, I typically … Read more

The Diabetes Honeymoon Is Officially Over

The Diabetes Honeymoon Is Officially Over

Bisi’s diabetes honeymoon ended a little more than a year ago. But a recent email from a reader seeking advice about how to keep his son honeymooning reminded me of the tenuousness of this time—and of my mix of relief … Read more

Un-fogging the Future

Crystal Ball

I don’t own a crystal ball. I can’t read palms. I don’t have the fortune-telling prowess of Professor Trelawney (or, more accurately, the centaurs) from the Harry Potter series. But I find that I am constantly asked, “What are your … Read more

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