Good Blood Sugar Causes Bad Mood

Good Blood Sugar Causes Bad Mood

I never thought I’d complain about a good blood sugar. But as I write this, I’m fuming a bit over my current reading of 132 mg/dL. Why? It’s a Sunday afternoon, which translates to the prime time for this college … Read more

It’s Halloween: Hold the Treats

Halloween and Diabetes

A lot of people who follow my blog suggested that I write about Halloween, and the difficulty of facing a night of obsessive candy-collecting when your child has type 1 diabetes. I wasn’t going to, since I figured that this … Read more

In Praise of Diabetes Unawareness


November. My birthday is in November, as is Thanksgiving. And November is Diabetes Awareness Month. Diabetes Awareness is important. It’s important that the public understand the looming threat of type 2 diabetes, and the constant burden of type 1 diabetes. … Read more

Health Ills That Can Come With Years of Diabetes

Health Ills That Can Come With Years of Diabetes

November is Diabetes Month. This month you’ll hear more about diabetes symptoms and risk factors than you will all year. But there’s something you won’t hear about. The health challenges those of us who’ve lived with diabetes for decades may face. There’s little research … Read more

When An Evening Walk Turns Scary

When An Evening Walk Turns Scary

A few nights ago, my six-year old son Sacha and I took our dog Molly for an evening walk. Somehow, I managed to walk out the door without his diabetes kit; no blood glucose meter, no juice, no glucagon. That … Read more

Raise Your Pants, Raise Diabetes Awareness

Raise Your Pants Raise Awareness

Happy Diabetes Awareness Month!  Mike and I had the wonderful opportunity to partner with Novo Nordisk to create a video about diabetes.  I’m very grateful to Novo Nordisk for playing along with my silly side and to Catherine Price for … Read more

Diabetes Diagnosis


My heart broke recently.  My nephew, it seems, has been diagnosed with type 1 diabetes. He is 17. He is a child with special needs. He is… just a boy.  My mom called to give me the news and my … Read more

How I Met President Obama (and fainted): The True Story

Karmel with President Obama

One week ago today I stood behind President Obama and fainted as he addressed the nation on the Affordable Care Act.  This is  a very long account, in excruciating detail, of how I came to meet the President. No one … Read more

Getting Back to Diabetes Basics

Diabetes Basics

This past week has been characterized by yo-yo blood sugars: one moment I’m sky high, the next I’m crashing to a terrible low. It’s been exhausting to look at my CGM and see a perfect zigzag on the monitor for … Read more

No Diabetes in Your Eyes

No Diabetes in Your Eyes

I was walking to work the other day and I couldn’t read the familiar green street signs. Where was I? 97th Street?  98th? I didn’t know because I couldn’t see. My vision was blurry. I cleared my eyes with my … Read more

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