Transition to a Gluten-Free Diet

Transition to a Gluten-Free Diet

Yesterday I took down the artificial Christmas tree and moved it to the attic.  This morning my husband and I lugged a 110-pound boxed furniture kit from the minivan to the garage. Once it slipped, and in trying to raise … Read more

Highlights from Doug Melton’s Work to Cure Diabetes

Doug Melton

This fall, at a Tedx conference organized in our community, Mark and I had the chance to meet with and hear a talk by Doug Melton — the Harvard professor who became a pioneer in the field of stem-cell biology when … Read more

Medtronic Diabetes Advocate Forum 2014

Diabetes Advocate Forum 2014

I just got home from the 2014 Medtronic Diabetes Advocate Forum (twitter: #medtronicDAF), a yearly event where Medtronic invites a group of diabetes advocates (including Karmel!) to its headquarters in Northridge CA to meet its diabetes team, learn about new … Read more

What’s Worse than Diabetes? Diabetes and Laryngitis

Cold Companions

What’s worse than having diabetes? I would have to say that having diabetes and battling laryngitis. It couldn’t have hit me at a more inconvenient time. Granted, I managed to enjoy the Christmas holiday in relatively good health. But this … Read more

Gingerbread Houses and Diabetes

Gingerbread Houses

We have a Christmas tradition of baking, building, and decorating a gingerbread house, packed with as much candy as we can squeeze on. The candy is purely for decoration, not for consumption, but inevitably there’s some snacking along the way. … Read more

Flying with Diabetes and a Baby

Flying with Diabetes and a Baby

A few months ago, my husband suggested that we go on vacation in December. (Actually, he said “go on holiday.” South Africans know how to make everything sound fancy.) My first thought was Count Me In.  I began to mentally … Read more

Pasta, Gelato, and the End of the Diabetes Honeymoon

Bisi and her brother, Florence, looking out over the Duomo

About 10 days after Bisi started on the pump, the four of us joined my mom for a week in Tuscany. We had a great time; how could you not? But in terms of Bisi’s diabetes, the trip was difficult. … Read more

Diabetes Management: When Does the Exception Become the Rule?


Do you ever get caught in the dilemma: Hot or Iced? That used to be one of my nonsensical problems. But when I was pregnant with Maya, the coffee decision resolved itself. I always wanted iced. I treated myself to … Read more

Rain, Running, and a Button Error on my Insulin Pump

Button Error - Medtronic Insulin Pump

Yesterday morning at 5:30 I went out for a 22 mile run. It was cold, around 40o , and raining. My run, went well for the first 18 miles (with only light rain and with a few rays of sun … Read more

Why You Should Be Depressed About the Government’s Attitude Toward Diabetes, Part I

Why You Should Be Depressed About the Government’s Attitude Toward Diabetes, Part I

First, an update on my last post, about Oregon’s decision regarding limitations on test strips for people with Type 2 diabetes. According to DiaTribe, Oregon’s Health Evidence Review Commission (HERC) voted on December 5 on a revised proposal on reduced … Read more

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