Spare a Rose, Save a Child: Dedicate this Valentine’s Day to Helping a Kid With Diabetes Survive

Spare a Rose, Save a Child: Dedicate this Valentine’s Day to Helping a Kid With Diabetes Survive

Life with diabetes is challenging under any circumstance, but imagine what it would be like if you didn’t have access to syringes, or any test strips, or, for that matter, insulin. It might sound like a rhetorical question, since we … Read more

Time To…

Diabetes Art Day FULL PICTURE

In case you missed it, last Monday was Diabetes Art Day. Diabetes Art Day is an annual art-making initiative created by Lee Ann Thill. She invites the diabetes community to make art about diabetes and share it online. The artist … Read more

Disruptive CGM Sounds

Dexcome 7 - Vibe and Beep Disable

Beep! Buzz, buzz. Beep! No, this sequence of sounds is not describing a car alarm or a cell phone going off. Rather, this is what my CGM does whenever I have a low alert, and it’s extraordinarily disruptive – especially … Read more

Diabetes in the Cold

14 degrees

I’ve never had so much to say about the weather. For a good part of January, we experienced something of a polar freeze here in New York.   The air was frigid and the snow fell. It took me back … Read more

Learning to Use My New MiniMed 530G with Enlite CGM system

new pancreas kit

It takes a while to make a change and learn something new. Last spring I knew I was eligible, through my health insurance company, for an insulin pump upgrade after six years on the same one. I’ve been a loyal … Read more

So… I Have Diabetes: The Roommate Discussion

So… I Have Diabetes: The Roommate Discussion

“Hi! I’m your new roommate, Molly. Oh yeah, I have diabetes!” “So, just one minor thing you ought to know… I have diabetes…” “If you like, ever see me shooting up, it’s not drugs. I mean it is, but not … Read more

Sleep No More: Diabetes and Sleep Deprivation

Diabetes and Sleep Deprivation

Without adequate sleep, I read in a recent Boston Globe article, “you get sick, fat, and stupid.” You’re at greater risk for problems including cancer, heart disease, weight gain, neuro-degenerative disease, and, yes, (type 2) diabetes. What’s more, according to … Read more

Hypoglycemia: Living On The Edge With Diabetes

Hypoglycemia - BG 35

Hypoglycemia is dangerous. It can actually be deadly. But somehow when I have a real episode of hypoglycemia, I mean a truly low low, the kind that wipes you out, it seems like just another part of the day. It … Read more

IDF World Congress in Melbourne: The IDF Takes New Steps to Stop Diabetes

IDF Melborn 2013

Last month I attended the International Diabetes Federation (IDF) World Congress in Melbourne. This was the largest diabetes conference ever held in Australia — with over10,000 clinicians, researchers, industry representatives and patients from 140 countries. And I felt a change in … Read more

S**T Happens, So Does Hypoglycemia

S**T Happens, So Does Hypoglycemia

That awkward moment when someone asks a (seemingly) innocent question about your diabetes and all you can do is shrug, because if you open your mouth obscenities will fly out of it… Okay, I’ll admit it: I’m on edge.  The … Read more

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