Drinking from the Nutrition Fire Hose: First Steps at Learning the Gluten-Free Diet

fire hose photo

 At the Massachusetts of Technology, where I work and teach, there is a well-known expression in our community about how it feels to be a student there. The educational experience is described as “drinking from the MIT fire hose.” There … Read more

Feeling a Little Low…

Feeling a Little Low

I’ve been moved into my new apartment at school for about a week now. As I write this, I’m in my nice, big room furnished with a desk, wardrobe, bureau, and bed. I’m surrounded by pictures of my family and … Read more

Diabetes and Morning Exercise: A Possible Solution?

Diabetes and Morning Exercise: A Possible Solution?

I have great difficulty balancing morning exercise with diabetes — a frustration I have written about previously, here and here. Whereas exercising in the afternoon or evening will typically cause my blood glucose to plummet, exercising in the morning makes it … Read more

The Surprise and Relief of a Celiac Disease Diagnosis

The Surprise and Relief of a Celiac Disease Diagnosis

For more than a decade — and possibly longer, but a decade is about all I remember — I have been diagnosed as anemic. My hematocrit (red blood cell count) is typically very low: 26 when it should be in … Read more

Why Is It So Hard To Lose Fat?

Diabetes and Body Fat

The strong interrelationships between weight issues and diabetes have been given the name “diabesity,” to emphasize how the epidemic of diabetes around the world has paralleled the growth in prevalence of overweight and obesity. The graph shows the remarkable 50% … Read more

Hypoglycemic Rage

Hypoglycemic Rage

I don’t always feel my blood sugar dropping. I don’t know if I’m starting to develop hypoglycemic unawareness or maybe it has to do with the speed at which my blood sugar is dropping. I used to always start to … Read more

Going Back to College with Diabetes

College Dorm Pic

Wait, what?! I can scarcely believe that August is almost over. It feel s like this summer just started for me, and it’s frustrating that the routine I’ve developed over the past few months is about to be rudely interrupted. … Read more

Diabetes in a Marriage: 11 Reasons I love my Husband

me & gary

Gary and I celebrated our four year wedding anniversary last weekend. He surprised me with tickets to a Broadway show. I was delighted because we don’t get out much these days (unless you count excursions to buy diapers). We booked … Read more

365 Days of Type 1 Diabetes

365 Days of Type 1 Diabetes

It’s now been a year since Bisi was diagnosed. In the weeks leading up to the anniversary, I found myself thinking over and over again about that time: the growing fear that something was wrong mixed with the lingering hope … Read more

Taking My Insulin Pump to the Beach

Tel Aviv Beach

Last Saturday I went to the beach with my boys and some of their friends. It was only 9:00 a.m. but already very hot. Adam was extremely excited and wanted, like everyone else, to get into the water as quickly … Read more

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