Because I Am a Diabetic, I am Not a Fan of Food


Because I am a diabetic, I am not a fan of food. Truth be told, I hate having to eat. Since I was first diagnosed with type 1 diabetes at age 11 eating food for me has been little more … Read more

A Nearly Perfect Day of Diabetes

A nearly perfect day of diabetes

Personally, I find it easier said than done to have good, consistent blood sugar levels on a weekend – forget it if said weekend involves alcohol consumption or an imbalanced diet. That being said, I think it’s an absolute miracle … Read more

JDRF Walkathon: Three Years of Team Bisi

Team Bisi Collage 3

For the past three falls since Bisi was diagnosed, we’ve done the JDRF walkathon to raise money to cure, prevent, and treat type 1 diabetes. The first year it was a mad scramble to form our team, since Bisi had … Read more

Murphy’s Diabetes Law of Insulin Pumps

Batt Out Limit - Insulin Pump Error

I don’t know what it is about weekends, holidays and vacations, but it seems like my insulin pumps (I’ve gone through quite a few in the short time I’ve been on the pump) always malfunction and need to be replaced … Read more

Your Chance to Tell the FDA What It’s Like to Have Diabetes

FDA large logo

t’s easy to criticize the FDA — people with diabetes do it all the time. Why are devices often approved/cleared in Europe several years before we get access to them in America? Why are there no officially approved ways to get CGM data on your smart phone? Why are there so few drugs approved for Type 1? Read more

It Takes More Than One Touch To Get A New Verio IQ Meter

Sending off the last faulty replacement. Buh-bye! Home

A few weeks ago, I blogged about my frustrations with One Touch and their lack of customer service when it came to some problems I was having with my Verio IQ meter. Here’s the short version of the story: more … Read more

Corruption and Culture Increase Diabetes Deaths in India

Riva Greenberg - Diabetes in India

When I returned from Bangalore earlier this year, having worked with health professionals at a diabetes clinic for the poor, I expected to write about how access to insulin is a human right. I saw the poverty and the need. … Read more

Marjorie’s 15 Minutes

Jen wearing Marjorie t-shirt

A few months ago, Jess Apple asked if I’d be interested in creating a t-shirt design for a fundraiser that would support Diabetes Media Foundation and A Sweet Life. Of course I was on board. Immediately I thought of imagery … Read more

Purple with a Purpose

Alzheimer's Walk Family Photo

Blue is an important color to me because it represents the fight against diabetes. But others close to me probably know that purple is another color that is just as significant. Purple is the color of the Alzheimer’s Association. A … Read more

How To Talk To A Person With Diabetes

How To Talk To A Person With Diabetes

When I was growing up, my parents had a book on their bookshelf called How To Talk So Kids Will Listen, And How To Listen So Kids Will Talk. Oddly, I never actually picked up, so I can’t tell you whether my … Read more

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