The Problem With Generic Test Strips


In concept, generic blood glucose test strips sound like a great idea. Made by 3rd party manufacturers (i.e. a company other than the one that makes your meter), they often (claim to) work with a variety of different meters, and … Read more

Babysitting a Child with Diabetes

Lancet Graph

Over the past few months, I have grown acquainted with a family of four – a couple with two kids, one being a 9 year old girl with diabetes. Her parents struggle to find babysitters, seeing as they feel more … Read more

Happy Birthday, Diabetes


For the anniversary of my diabetes my girlfriend said she’d buy me a cake—and eat it in front of me. That would’ve been a good start to a strange celebration. Although, truthfully, it’s not like I have a big party … Read more

28-Year-Old Erin Little Is Changing Diabetes Care in India

India  - village visit

“Every day I see children, 10 years old, going blind because their families can’t afford insulin. That is what inspires me to fight for them. Who will speak for them if no one shares their story?” – Erin Little   Eighteen … Read more

Doing Diabetes Right, but Getting it Wrong

Doing Diabetes Right, but Getting it Wrong

I woke up feeling extremely tired last Thursday morning, and could feel that my blood sugar was high. I couldn’t sit around drinking coffee and bolusing until I got it down because I needed to get blood work done that … Read more

The Danger of Doorknobs

The Danger of Doorknobs

Ever have one of those days where things aren’t going quite right? You overslept. You ran out of milk. You flipped on the light switch in your bathroom and Spark! It went out. I had that sort of morning recently. … Read more

Arizona Reinstates Medicaid Insulin Pump Coverage: A Triumph in Patient Advocacy!

Arizona Reinstates Medicaid Insulin Pump Coverage: A Triumph in Patient Advocacy!

Great news: the Arizona State Legislature has approved the restoration of insulin pump coverage for adults in the state’s Medicaid program (known as AHCCCS)! This is partially thanks to an enormous patient-led Twitter campaign over the past few weeks to … Read more

Trivia Night

Trivia Night

“Why not take a *shot* and *test* your knowledge at team trivia tonight at The Harp to benefit the College Diabetes Network? I’m pretty *pump*ed about it! …all terrible diabetes puns aside, really, you should go.” I posted this cheesy, … Read more

Time for Your Type 1 Diabetes Medal?

Joslin Diabetes Center's 50-year medal

In my last post, “Type 1 Diabetes Finally Explained,” I talked about the challenges and intense management one endures living with, and managing, Type 1 diabetes. Thousands of people shared the post and hundreds wrote telling me that I had perfectly described … Read more

Low Blood Sugar: Harder on Those We Love

Low Blood Sugar

As a diabetic I know that low blood sugar is difficult to deal with. But, for the people close to me, for the people who love me, it’s harder. My cousin Daniel once told me what it’s like sometimes when … Read more

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