What Kind of D-Parent Are You?

Seesaw 2

I have a theory about couples who manage their child’s diabetes together: that one parent worries more about the immediate consequences of a devastating blood sugar low (i.e., unconsciousness or death), and the other worries more about the long-term, down-the-road … Read more

Accurate Blood Sugar Testing is Key

Accurate Blood Sugar Testing is Key

If you know me personally, then you’re probably aware that I am a professional at panicking and ac certified worrywart. You might think I’m too young to be so overly anxious, but what can I say, it’s in my nature. … Read more

Honey, I Crushed the Omnipod

Crushed the Omnipod home

You know those cascades of little mistakes that suddenly add up to a big one? Well, one of those cascading failures happened to Bisi and me the other day when I was driving her to a play rehearsal. I always … Read more

Diabetes on the Road

Diabetes on the Road home

When my boyfriend asked me to accompany him on an 8+ hour drive to Virginia this past weekend, I didn’t give it a second thought before saying yes. He will be moving there soon to pursue a new career, so … Read more

Major Hypoglycemia News From Paris Diabetes Conference

T1D Exchange

Severe hypoglycemia (very low blood sugar) is the dreaded fear of most people with diabetes. It can kill you. A few weeks ago at the Advanced Technologies & Treatments for Diabetes (ATTD) conference in Paris, the T1D Exchange announced two findings that may: Prompt … Read more

My Big Improvements with OmniPod

My Big Improvements with OmniPod

A little more than a month ago, I started using an OmniPod insulin pump. Overall, the transition process (which is still ongoing as I make minor adjustments to my regimen) has been much different than I expected it to be. … Read more

A Pebble in My Shoe

A Pebble in My Shoe - Boots

You know The Princess and the Pea? I am not her. For the better part of yesterday, I walked around with a staple in my boot. It all began at school. I was taking down artwork from one of my … Read more

Diabetes’ Unspoken Threat, Hypoglycemia

Diabetes' Unspoken Threat, Hypoglycemia

The morning I began this post about the recent American Association of Diabetes Educators’ (AADE) survey that reveals many people with diabetes do not know what hypoglycemia (low blood sugar) is — I nearly gave it to myself. Hypoglycemia is defined as … Read more

Diabetes Paranoia, Am I Too Dependent on my CGM?

77 and dropping, oh joy

Lunchtime is probably regarded as the most coveted part of my day at work. Whenever 12 o’clock rolls around, I excitedly jump out of my chair and head over to the office refrigerator to snag my lunch bag, filled with … Read more

Checking in on New Year’s Resolutions

New Year's

Thanks to my half-hearted New Year’s resolutions my diabetes is going better this year than last year. January is the time for making resolutions but, if you’ve got the guts, February is the time to see how they’re holding up. … Read more

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