‘Twas the Night Before Christmas…

Just a few of the sweets we have at my house

It is officially Christmas Eve, and if I’m being perfectly honest, I have far more than visions of sugarplums dancing in my head. Throw some cookies, cakes, and candies into the picture – oh, and some complex math formulas representing … Read more

Too Low to See the Food Right in Front of My Face


Sleeping is something I don’t usually have trouble with. I fall asleep easily and can sleep late (not that the latter happens all that often). But the other night, I was totally wired. I don’t know if it was because … Read more

When to Grant Independence to a Child With Diabetes?

That whole independence thing 2

  At the end of this past summer, the four of us went to an alumni weekend at the sleepaway camp in the Adirondacks where I spent 8 wonderfully fun and formative summers, first as a camper and then as … Read more

Nifty Fifty

Nifty Fifty

As I sat down to write a blog post for this week, I realized that it was my fiftieth post for ASweetLife (not including any of the feature articles that I have written). I’m pretty excited about this milestone. It’s … Read more

I Tried the Artificial Pancreas and I Want It Back

Glucolift Home

It really did happen, I was in an Artificial Pancreas clinical trial. I got to test a future technology, a technology that is currently unavailable for use except for in clinical trials.  During the trial I wore a Roche pump, … Read more

25 Tips for Living With Diabetes

25 Tips for Living With Diabetes

This holiday season I’m sharing the gift of tips — real tips from real people living with diabetes. Recently I was approached by a publisher to write a book of diabetes tips from medical professionals. Since those already exist, and most medical professionals don’t … Read more

Food for the Holidays

Esther's Feast (France 1774-1779)

Christmas and lights and / God is born man I / don’t get that part but / I accept like / gifts under the tree but / when did this become / He is born and now / we eat that’s really / more of a Jewish thing / no? I’ve been told / crime spikes and / suicide too lonely / people left alone but / for me what Read more

The AccuCheck Meter Blinked and then Flashed a Number: 6.2

The AccuCheck Meter Blinked and then Flashed a Number: 6.2

In my diabetes universe, blood sugars came in big, round numbers: 55. 110. 235. And each of those numbers told a story that, after ten years as a diabetic, I understood almost instinctually. You need sugar, or Your sugar is perfect, hold it right here, or More insulin! More insulin! Read more

Me ‘n My Pump

Me ‘n My Pump - priming at bus stop_drawing

My insulin pump is mostly a treasure. Except that lately it’s been driving. me. insane. PUMP IS NOT PRIMED NO DELIVERY This error message, with a vibrating Bzzzz, appears on my pump screen several times a week, and sometimes several … Read more

Thanksgiving Lessons Learned


There’s nothing like a break from school during which time you’re surrounded by tempting foods and lack of exercise facilities to teach you a few diabetes dos-and-don’ts. I’m approaching my seventeenth year with T1D, so you might consider me a … Read more

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