One New Year’s Resolution (on the run)

One New Year’s Resolution (on the run)

Last year, when I registered for the NYC marathon lottery and received my automatic entry message (after registering three years for three years in a row and not getting in), I was so happy. I was in a good mood … Read more

Nifty Fifty

Nifty Fifty

As I sat down to write a blog post for this week, I realized that it was my fiftieth post for ASweetLife (not including any of the feature articles that I have written). I’m pretty excited about this milestone. It’s … Read more

Food for the Holidays

Esther's Feast (France 1774-1779)

Christmas and lights and / God is born man I / don’t get that part but / I accept like / gifts under the tree but / when did this become / He is born and now / we eat that’s really / more of a Jewish thing / no? I’ve been told / crime spikes and / suicide too lonely / people left alone but / for me what Read more

Un-fogging the Future

Crystal Ball

I don’t own a crystal ball. I can’t read palms. I don’t have the fortune-telling prowess of Professor Trelawney (or, more accurately, the centaurs) from the Harry Potter series. But I find that I am constantly asked, “What are your … Read more

Purple with a Purpose

Alzheimer's Walk Family Photo

Blue is an important color to me because it represents the fight against diabetes. But others close to me probably know that purple is another color that is just as significant. Purple is the color of the Alzheimer’s Association. A … Read more

Being Uptight is a Diabetic Complication

Obsessive compulsive disorder

I don’t have Obsessive Compulsive Disorder. I am merely a diabetic. After much soul searching, and even after consulting with a professional, I have arrived at the conclusion that my diabetes only makes me appear to have OCD. And given … Read more

College and Diabetes: Hello, Senior Year!

My awesome textbooks for this semester.

And goodbye, normalcy! My return back to school was nothing short of crazy, which means my diabetes has been a bit wild as well. On Labor Day, my family and I packed up two cars (!) worth of my belongings … Read more

Throwing Cold Water on the ALS Ice Bucket Challenge

Ice Bucket

I’m trying to not be cynical about the ALS dump ice water on your head thing going on lately, but I’m failing. I think perhaps I’m failing because having diabetes at times makes me more suspicious about how people help … Read more

Pump Holiday

BG 300 - pump holiday

Sunday the 17th: 106, eat a little and bolus. A few hours later, 265. Bolus some more. Wait. Check, 298, then bolus some more. Wait, check, 255 (getting very frustrated). A few hours later, 222, change my infusion set, break … Read more

A Delay in Pumping (Going on a Disney Vacation)

Packing for my Disney vacation

A few weeks ago, I shared my excitement over starting the process to go on an insulin pump regimen. At my endocrinologist’s office, there are many steps to take before you can actually start using the pump. I crossed off … Read more

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