Low Blood Sugar: Harder on Those We Love

Low Blood Sugar

As a diabetic I know that low blood sugar is difficult to deal with. But, for the people close to me, for the people who love me, it’s harder. My cousin Daniel once told me what it’s like sometimes when … Read more

Double Dose

Grandpa and Molly

I don’t know what it is about this winter in particular, but I’ve been served up with yet another nasty illness that hit my diabetes harder than my laryngitis. And in a period of storm and stress, it was the … Read more

Got diabetes? What you oughta do…

Got diabetes? What you oughta do…

Once, my father and I were at a party when he inadvertently taught me a valuable lesson about dealing with “helpful” people. As a diabetic I run into a lot of helpful people; by which I mean strangers and acquaintances … Read more

My Life as a Diabetic Heroin Addict

Vial and Syringe - Dark

Because I’m a diabetic, I forget that syringes really freak people out. The tragic death of Philip Seymour Hoffman reminded me of this. When he died I was stunned. I called friends and family for help in getting my mind … Read more

Learning to Use My New MiniMed 530G with Enlite CGM system

the MiniMed 503G with Enlite CGM arrives in a bigger box

It takes a while to make a change and learn something new. Last spring I knew I was eligible, through my health insurance company, for an insulin pump upgrade after six years on the same one. I’ve been a loyal … Read more

So… I Have Diabetes: The Roommate Discussion

So… I Have Diabetes: The Roommate Discussion

“Hi! I’m your new roommate, Molly. Oh yeah, I have diabetes!” “So, just one minor thing you ought to know… I have diabetes…” “If you like, ever see me shooting up, it’s not drugs. I mean it is, but not … Read more

Tiberias Marathon 2014: A Humbling Experience

Tiberias Marathon 2014

Last Friday I ran the Tiberias marathon, my 8th marathon, and my fourth Tiberias marathon.  Since the race, I have felt more than ever before just what a humbling experience running a marathon can be. I’d been hoping to set … Read more

Transition to a Gluten-Free Diet

Transition to a Gluten-Free Diet

Yesterday I took down the artificial Christmas tree and moved it to the attic.  This morning my husband and I lugged a 110-pound boxed furniture kit from the minivan to the garage. Once it slipped, and in trying to raise … Read more

My Blood Sugar Is None of Your Business

My Blood Sugar Is None of Your Business

Sometimes, I find myself getting angry and annoyed when others look at my blood sugar. “256? Is that good or bad?” “Oh man, you’re 61? You need to take some insulin right now!” By making these seemingly innocent comments, people … Read more

Left Out of a World Obsessed with Food


I stand on the outside, looking in. That’s how I would describe my feeling, as a person with Type 1 diabetes and now celiac disease, in our food-obsessed culture. Outside, looking in. A couple of weeks ago, I went to … Read more

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