Symlin: A First Attempt

So I took a little Symlin (15 mcg) with breakfast today and am eagerly waiting to see what’s going to happen. My breakfast was not a “major meal” as defined by the Symlin manufacturers (i.e. less than 250 calories and fewer than 30 grams carb). But since it routinely requires three times my normal insulin-to-carb ratio to cover it (perhaps because it’s yogurt and it’s morning) I figured I’d take 15 mcg, cut my insulin dose by two thirds, and see what happened.

So far, I just feel a little funny — not straight up nauseated but a little gaggy and not all that excited about eating anything else at the moment. My blood sugar is holding steady at around 96, though then again, it usually takes a little bit for it to shoot up. The strangest thing was to eat first and take the insulin afterwards — my usual m.o. these days is to take my morning dose first and wait an hour before eating. We’ll see how this goes. . . .

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