Symlin Update

It’s been a while since I’ve written about Symlin, the drug that helps smooth out blood sugars after meals. (To find out more about Symlin, check out my primer here.) It’s been nearly two months since I started taking it, and my experience, for the most part, has been positive. The nausea has been subsiding, I have lost about 5 pounds, and best of all, it really does help to smooth out blood sugar after meals. I continue to find it challenging to figure out exactly how to time my doses — I use the dual wave feature on my pump, but nonetheless have meals where my blood sugar will dip too low before eventually swinging too high. But overall, I like it. If anyone has questions about my experience — or wants to share their own — please leave a comment. I feel like most patients — and even doctors — are not really familiar with Symlin, and I’d love to help spread the word.

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