5 Truths All People With Diabetes Know

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People who don’t know much about diabetes (and who like to get all up in other people’s business) might express their concern about the effects of sugary foods on your health. Little do they know that pizza has always been the real enemy. There’s something about that magical combination of grease, protein, carb-y crust, lactose and tomato sauce that can destroy your blood sugar for hours. Read more

Does Diabetes Need an Ice Bucket Challenge?

IceBucket Challenge
It’s understandable, then, with the incredible attention the ALS Ice Bucket Challenge is getting for those of us in the diabetes community to be in awe, to be inspired and okay, to be a little jealous. After all, ALS is getting a boost like we’ve never seen before. So you might be surprised by what I’m going to say here: Read more

Endurance Activity and Type 1 Diabetes: Team Blood Glucose on the Diabetes Grand Tour

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This year's Team Blood Glucose Diabetes Grand Tour aims to continue what we started last year: to demonstrate what can be achieved by athletes with diabetes, setting an example for all people with diabetes, and encouraging them to join us for the next event. The research element of the ride will consist of tracking the riders’ performances using bicycle computers, and monitoring blood sugars using Dexcom CGMs. The research will be conducted by Imperial College London. Read more

Swimming Around Key West with Type 1 Diabetes: 9 Things We Learned

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On June 28th, Erin Spineto, Renee Moreno, and I swam 12.5 miles around the island of Key West, FL. We were the first team of people with type 1 diabetes to swim the race, and we swam a significant portion against the current. The water was so shallow that we jammed our fingers into the coral, and they bled. We swam over the tops of sharks. We were impatient with each other and laughed about it later. Read more

Bringing Your Diabetes to Work

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As a person with diabetes, preparing for an interview also includes the internal debate as to if, and when, it is best to let your employer know you have diabetes. Safety is a top priority for me, and I’m not comfortable being involved in work or social situations without at least someone knowing I have diabetes. I want my employer to know that I have diabetes because that keeps me safest. Read more

Summer and Diabetes: Four Gadgets That Will Make Your Life More Delicious

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Summer with diabetes can be tough. It’s the season of beer and sangria, juicy watermelon, sweet corn, and, at least if you’re in my neighborhood, a full hour of the Mr. Softee truck’s siren song every single afternoon. So this summer, I decided to search for diabetes-friendly kitchen gadgets that would enable me to enjoy summer and keep my diabetes under control. Read more

Kids First Diabetes Second: Quinn’s Diagnosis at Three

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My husband had taken the morning off to spend time in the classroom, and since it was also our turn to clean, I left work to go to the school.As I began stacking knee-high chairs and tidying up the classroom, my cell phone rang. On the other end was the pediatrician. Not the nurse, but the doctor.“Where are you?”“At preschool.”“Where is your husband?”“Actually … here with us.”“Where is the school?”I didn’t like where this was going.“There was sugar in... Read more

Kids First Diabetes Second: Enjoying Summer with Diabetes

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I like to pack a couple of water bottles that we can refill throughout the day to stay hydrated. Remember, there is a lot of blacktop at amusement parks, which turns up the heat! Pack enough food to cover regular snack times, plus a few extras in case you need them to recover from lows. I also pack a few extras for other family members. Applesauce pouches and organic fruit strips hold up well in a backpack or cooler.... Read more

What I Wish I’d Known When my Child was Diagnosed with Type 1 Diabetes

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Don’t talk A1C’s with your kids. Ever. Listen, before diabetes, did you take the lab sheet from your child’s annual physical and show them things on it and celebrate numbers? Of course not. A young child does not even need to know what an A1C is, never mind the result of one. I wish I’d known this. Read more

Why We Don’t Need A Soda Ban

Convincing the public to drink less soda has already proven effective. Consumption of soda has declined precipitously over the last nine years. It’s no wonder the beverage industry fought the New York City soda ban so vigorously. Read more
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