Which New Blood Glucose Meter Should You Buy in 2015

Meter Collage 3
Abbott’s Freestyle Precision Neo is as slender a meter as you will find on the market, with a battery that will last for thousands and thousands of blood glucose checks. While the meter itself is inexpensive ($22-27 depending on retailer), one of several features of the Neo that is revolutionary is that the strips are priced low enough that Abbott tells customers they can “skip the co-pay.” A box of 50 strips is less than $25, as low as... Read more

In Case You Missed It: Diabetes Blog Week 2015

Diabetes Blog Week Logo - 2015
The sixth annual Diabetes Blog Week ended on Sunday, with enough startling, illuminating, and hilarious posts to flip your diabetic brains inside out. Diabetes Blog Week, brainchild of diabetes advocate and Bittersweet Diabetes blogger Karen Graffeo, happens annually in May. Each year, seven themes (one for each day of the week, natch) are chosen by Karen to inspire, unite, and criss-cross the paths of disparate D-bloggers across the globe. Read more

It’s Hard to Break the Ties that Bind: Marlin Barton’s Pasture Art

pasture art 1
Sentimentality is missing in Marlin Barton’s Pasture Art (Hub City Press, 2015), a collection of eight stories set in the Alabama Black Belt, yet pathos is in great supply. Barton assembles unlikely characters who play out the hidden logic in their connections: why an old man protects the young girl who is stealing from him, or why an itinerant photographer apprentices a deaf woman to guide him around the town he is documenting. Read more

Unsolicited Diabetes Advice: Think Before You Share

Unsolicited Diabetes Advice
If you are a friend or family member who provides TLC in the form of spontaneously delivered diabetes advice, thank you! That is so nice! Unfortunately, not all of it arrives in the loving, friendly form you intended. Read more

Short and Sweet with Karen Graffeo, Creator of Diabetes Blog Week

Diabetes Blog Week Logo - 2015
Karen Graffeo was diagnosed with Type 1 diabetes in 1979, at the age of 11. In 2008 Karen started her diabetes blog, Bitter-Sweet, and became immersed in the Diabetes Online Community. She also advocates offline and is involved with two JDRF chapters in her home state of Connecticut. Karen is hosting the sixth annual Diabetes Blog Week from May 11th – May 17th. Read more

Life with Diabetes and Anxiety, Part Two

Diabetes and Anxiety2
Worry in itself is anxiety-inducing, and with diabetes I am constantly worried and feeling guilty for every high and low reading that I get. The apprehension I get from the numbers make it hard for me to not regret decisions I’ve made. I get a lot of nausea with my high and low readings, and those trigger anxiety attacks. Read more

Life with Diabetes and Anxiety

Diabetes and Anxiety2
I’ve struggled with anxiety and depression issues for as long as I can remember. When I was diagnosed with Type 1 Diabetes twelve years ago at the age of 22, I began to experience prominent physical symptoms of anxiety and depression, which often manifested as uncomfortable GI and stomach upset. Some months ago I had a colonoscopy and a gastric endoscopy. There was nothing clinically wrong with me, except the one place nobody looked. My mind. Read more

What You Need To Know About Baking with Alternative Sweeteners

Pumpkin Spice Cake with Brown Butter Frosting 2
Alternative sweeteners are something of a booming industry at the moment. With sugar getting a pretty bad rap, the interest in replacements is steadily increasing. This is reflected in the wide variety of options now on the market, all claiming to be the number one sugar alternative. Read more

Could Reversing Inflammation Cure Diabetes?

Could Reversing Inflammation Cure Diabetes?
Scientists have successfully reversed type 1 diabetes in mice by using adult stem cells and cell surface molecular engineering to reduce the destruction of insulin-producing islet cells. The key to the breakthrough was introducing adult stem cells... Read more

Living with a Diabetes Alert Dog

Diabetes Alert Dog - Home
After thorough research on diabetes service dogs, we decided to work with Diabetic Alert Dogs of America. On February 18, 2015, our son became the handler of a diabetes alert dog (DAD), a wonderful male Goldendoodle, appropriately named Jellybean. Read more
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