Universal Studios on Insulin: 8 Tips to Help You Do it Right

Universal Studios on Insulin
Investigate the medical policies before you go. We got a letter from Bisi’s endocrinologist, which we brought to a customer service office on the first day. They gave us a medical pass, which turned out to be incredibly helpful, though more at some rides than others. Read more

What Type of Diabetes Do I Have?

Lisa Jordan Hewitt
In all my endless research about Type 2 diabetes, I never came across the phrase LADA or latent autoimmune diabetes in adults. LADA is similar to Type 1 in that the pancreas is losing its ability to produce insulin, and overtime will stop altogether, but it's more gradual. Read more

Let Your Child With Diabetes be Sad

Let Your Child With Diabetes be Sad
Michelle Sorensen, M.ED, Clinical Psychologist is passionate about increasing the counseling capacity of healthcare professionals who support people loving with type 1 diabetes. The majority of healthcare professionals have been trained in directing and educating clients but Sorensen sees that people living with type 1 diabetes respond better to a counseling approach. “It’s about understanding how you help the patient tap into their own resources,” says Sorensen. Read more

Now My Husband And I Both Have Diabetes

Now My Husband And I Both Have Diabetes
I can deal with my own diabetes. This is my life. But my husband? He is the strong one, the one with no health issues who is tough and barely ever gets a cold. Read more

How to Integrate New Diabetes Technology into Schools

Minimed 508
The school was there to figure out a way to help my daughter embrace pumping without having to leave the classroom to go to the nurse a bunch of times a day. Together we eventually came up with a plan that worked, but it didn’t happen overnight. It took time, and it also required me to understand the school’s needs, point of view and accept how they might need to come up short of what my expectations at home... Read more

When A Sibling Pretends to Have Type 1 Diabetes

When A Sibling Pretends to Have Type 1 Diabetes
The past two weeks my six-year-old daughter, who does not have type 1 diabetes, has been wearing an old, worn insulin pump pouch that belongs to her eight-year-old brother, who does have type 1 diabetes. Read more
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