When A Sibling Pretends to Have Type 1 Diabetes

When A Sibling Pretends to Have Type 1 Diabetes
The past two weeks my six-year-old daughter, who does not have type 1 diabetes, has been wearing an old, worn insulin pump pouch that belongs to her eight-year-old brother, who does have type 1 diabetes. Read more

Sharing the Responsibility of a Kid with Type 1 Diabetes

Andrew and I have since separated. Type 1 diabetes was not the cause of this decision, but more the last in a series of hurdles our marriage just couldn’t overcome. But while nothing about divorce is easy, the simple acknowledgment that we weren’t working well together anymore has actually strengthened our ability to tackle diabetes, and parenting in general, as a team. Read more

5 Nutrition Tips From A Fitness Guru with Diabetes

Christel rows
Christel Oerum is a co-founder of a diabetes and fitness website, TheFitBlog.com. Today, at age 38, Christel is a competitive bikini athlete, and a personal trainer and nutrition coach. She was diagnosed with type 1 diabetes in 1997 at age … Read more

Child Friendly Shot Charts

Cowboy & Cowgirl
After seeing one of our son’s shot charts, he came up with his own version for us, inspired by my son’s choice of a cowboy Halloween costume that fall. Read more

I Sort of Have Type 1 Diabetes

I Sort of Have Type 1 Diabetes
Although I was diagnosed three years ago, and Jack three months ago, neither of us has taken a speck of insulin. Having Type 1 diabetes but not needing to take insulin is weird. It is nothing to complain about, but it doesn’t make sense in most doctors’ offices, or spark joy among other people with diabetes. Read more

From Shots to Tandem t:slim Pump

From Shots to Tandem t:slim Pump
I made the decision to go on the Tandem t:slim pump. The t:slim G4 integrates Dexcom's G4 Platinum continuous glucose monitor right onto the home screen. And I really liked the idea of having my CGM data and insulin pump as an all in one device. Read more

Running the Falmouth Road Race for Team Joslin

Team Joslin
Team Joslin is a group of generous and dedicated individuals from all over the world who participate in athletic events to raise funds for Joslin Diabetes Center in Boston, MA. The funds raised through these events contribute to Joslin’s mission to prevent, treat and cure diabetes. Read more
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