Trulicity Trial Shows Benefits for Type 2 Diabetes

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A yearlong clinical trial in more than a dozen countries reveals that once-a-week-Trulicity, used in conjunction with short acting insulin, not only improved blood sugar control for subjects with type 2 diabetes, but also curbed hypoglycemia compared to a standard treatment and reduced weight in trial subjects. Read more

How I Keep My Teen with Type 1 Diabetes Happy in the Summer

How I Keep my Teen with Type 1 Diabetes Safe in the Summer
I need to remember that communication isn’t just about me telling her what to do, but actually listening to what she has to say. We talk about situations that are going to occur and make plans for how to handle those events. While Kate may act like the last thing she wants to do is talk to me about all this, she knows talking it out ahead of time helps her win the freedom to not talk to me... Read more

Do SGLT2 Inhibitors like Invokana Cause Ketoacidosis?

SGLT2 inhibitors
Only a tiny number of cases of diabetic ketoacidosis have been reported with SGLT2 inhibitor treatment, so this is unlikely to be a major issue for these drugs, which are very useful in controlling blood glucose in a number of ways. Read more

Young Adults with Diabetes Home for the Summer

Young Adults with Diabtes Home for the Summer
Stepping back into those old parenting habits when your child already lives on their own and does just fine can ruin a perfectly wonderful visit or summer stay. So, what’s a parent to do? I am hoping by thinking it out ahead of time and making myself aware, I’ll avoid the pratfalls many of us face when our young adults come home. Read more

Don’t Judge People with Type 2 Diabetes

Don’t Judge People with Type 2 Diabetes
People with type 2 diabetes continue to be seen as culprits who brought diabetes onto themselves instead as of people struggling with a difficult illness. Type 2 diabetes shaming has become part of our culture. I used to be part of that. Read more

The Danger of Treating Diabetes with Alternative Medicine

The Danger of Treating Diabetes with Alternative Medicine - Rachel Zinman
Diet, exercise, and herbs couldn’t cure my diabetes. I was eager to know if he did know what would cure me. The doctor's take on my health was that I was overly sensitive due to environmental factors. Electromagnetic frequencies were affecting my blood sugar levels and the heavy amounts of supplements I was taking were damaging my liver. Read more

Type 1 Diabetes Unites Classmates

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My son was diagnosed with type 1 diabetes almost three years ago, when he was four. He started kindergarten as the only diabetic in a relatively small class of kids in a very small public school in a rural part of New York. And then, just as the school year ended, one of his classmates was diagnosed with type 1. Read more
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