Low Carb Baking 101: Stocking Your Pantry

Low Carb Baking 101: Stocking Your Pantry
Get yourself some almond flour and coconut flour, as these will be the most commonly used flours. If you can’t do nuts, sunflower seed flour can make a great alternative to almond flour. Ground chia seed and flax seed meal can also be good flour alternatives. Read more

Are You Getting the Right Care for Your Diabetic Eyes?

Retinal Screening Technologies - Getting the right eye care
Too many of our eye exams don’t include dilation and blood pressure checks and advanced technology like OCT and FAF. When I asked my own retinal specialist to he chooses not to check blood pressure at my appointments, he explained that he considered blood pressure checks to be the jurisdiction of a patient’s general practitioner, but in the next breath told me that he is the only caregiver that a number of his patients with diabetes see for their... Read more

Building Beta Cells: An Interview with Dr. Timothy Kieffer

Timothy Kieffer - Lab
The benefit of making mature beta cells entirely in the dish is that they may be a useful resource for research aimed at understanding the causes of diabetes (both Type 1 and Type 2) as well as developing new therapeutic strategies for diabetes. Moreover, ultimately, mature beta cells may prove to be better than pancreatic progenitor cells for transplant into patients with diabetes. Read more

I Speak Diabetes

I Speak Diabetes
I once heard the mother of a child with diabetes express her disgust with the word “bolus.” As it turns out, a bolus is “a small rounded mass of a substance, especially of chewed food at the moment of swallowing.” A mouthful of chewed-up pizza at the back of your throat, basically. Read more

And Here We Are at The Table, A Grain-Free Cookbook

And Here We Are at the Table
This grain-free cookbook contains the same recipes Ariana cooks for herself and her family, with a focus on whole high quality ingredients. With food allergies and autoimmune disease in her family, she has found going grain-free has been a great solution for all members’ health issues. Read more

How I Started a Successful Low Carb Diet

How I Started a Successful Low Carb Diet
I knew if were to wake up one morning and stop eating everything I loved, I'd be hungry and cranky. So, I gave up carbs gradually and turned into a low carber with ease. Here are the steps that helped me. If you are considering a low carb diet, I hope they'll help you, too. Read more

Well-Intended Diabetes Comments: What I Said and What I Thought

What I Said What I Thought
What I thought: Because I just don’t love her enough. If I loved her more, her numbers would totally stabilize. What I said: Type 1 diabetes means that the body does not produce insulin. And since the synthetic insulin and tools to track what it is doing in the body is still pretty crude compared to the workings of a real pancreas, there is nothing I can do to 100% “regulate” my child’s blood sugar. Read... Read more

Conquering the Inca Trail with Diabetes

Machu-Picchu - Conquering the Inca Trail with Diabetes
I tried to eat between 60-80g of carbs a meal. The meals were about four hours apart, and I made sure to eat a Snickers bar or a glucose gel between meals without taking insulin. I never found my blood sugar to be too high on the trail. Anything below 100 was already too low, and I immediately made sure to eat something with carbs. Read more

These 7 Things Will Make Your Life with Diabetes Better in 2015

Making Life with Diabetes Better in 2015
Fear may very well be the number one complication impacting families of children with diabetes today (and many adults, as well). As we glimpse more into life with diabetes, seeing more glucose trends thanks to tools, hearing more stories thanks to social media, being told more and more to fear… it might be crippling many of us. So how does one vanquish fear? Read more

Product Review: Animas Vibe Insulin Pump

Animas Vibe Review
I was given the opportunity to do a free two-week trial of the Vibe on behalf of A Sweet Life. Having never used an Animas pump before (but nearly all of their competitors), I was particularly excited to see what they’re all about and to get my hands on the first Dexcom G4-integrated pump system. Read more
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