5 Ways to Help Your Teen with Diabetes Succeed

5 Ways to Help Your Teen with Diabetes Succeed
Treating diabetes well demands a long term vision. You tolerate a lot of inconvenience today in order to avoid future damage. But, have you tried lately talking to any teenager about the future consequences of anything? Be it school, friends, lifestyle choices– teenage thinking is not designed to consider long term consequences. Read more

Fall Into a Stress-Free Holiday Season

It’s still October, yet the big box store where I shop for household essentials is already festooned in twinkling lights and tinsel. All before the Halloween candy has even been marked down to half price. This artificial extension of the … Read more

How I Sailed to New Zealand with Type 1 Diabetes

wonder time map - Home
Two years ago, on St. Patrick’s Day (for good luck, of course), I shoved off the North American continent with my family aboard a 38-foot sailboat. Our bow pointed towards South Pacific paradise. It would take us nearly a month to sail there, through calms and squalls and day after day of perfect tradewind sailing. We didn’t see land nor ship for 26 days, until the magical, lush and green island of Hiva Oa came into view at dawn... Read more

Why You Shouldn’t Be Ashamed of Diabetes

Ashamed of Diabetes - Bad Breath
When I speak to health care professionals about psychological care for people with diabetes, I often point out that guilt is different than shame. Guilt means we think we have done something wrong. We can deal with that, we can remedy our behavior. But shame means we think something is wrong with us, that we are broken or unworthy. That belief is much harder to address. Read more

7 Tips to Prevent Diabetes From Interfering at the Workplace

Diabetes at Work
It can be really annoying to have to use vacation time for endo appointments. But if you plan ahead, you can often work with your office or boss to use as little time as possible for this. For instance, I know the day before Thanksgiving is a slow work day, so I grabbed a time slot with my endo way ahead of time to avoid missing a crucial work day. Read more

On the Road to a Type 1 Diabetes Cure: Melton Lab Creates Functioning Beta Cells

Human stem cell derived beta cells
Using human embryonic stem cells as a base, the lab has pioneered a process that can reproduce human, insulin-producing beta cells on a large scale. As Melton said in a conference call with journalists, “What we’re reporting on is something that I think was obvious to many as a possible solution but just turned out to be difficult to achieve, and that is the creation of human beta cells that properly respond to sugar or glucose and secrete the... Read more

5 Reasons Why People with Diabetes Aren’t Managing Well

If you took a survey of people with Type 1 diabetes and asked them to tell you what's frustrating about living with diabetes, many would answer that the disease's unpredictability drives them crazy. What worked perfectly yesterday doesn't work today. But sometimes it's emotional struggles that lead to poor diabetes management. Understanding why a person isn’t checking blood glucose or taking their medication is the an important step, and what motivates a person to do better... Read more

In Type 1 Diabetes Management, Fear Is Not a Motivator

Fear Is Not a Motivator in Type 1 Diabetes
From the moment of diagnosis, people with diabetes already live with secret fears of complications. Forcing people with diabetes to view others with complications, in my opinion, is cruel. It's also insulting to those, who despite their best efforts of diabetes management, may still have complications. Some people with very good blood sugar control can have a number of complications, while others with much worse control have minimal complications. Read more

JDRF Type 1 Diabetes Research Updates: What You Need to Know

Laboratory - JDRF - Home
I am a lucky JDRF volunteer. I get to learn all about Type 1 diabetes research, have it translated for me into my own language (which is “regular person who does not know big words”), and then I get to go all over the country sharing news about Type 1 diabetes research with others who speak my language. Read more

My Six Year Old Didn’t Sign Up for Type 1 Diabetes

Sign Up - go3 - Home
My husband and I work hard to manage our son’s condition so he feels good, learns the ropes and has a long, healthy, happy life. But also so diabetes isn’t the focus of his world—there’s plenty more for a first-grader to think about. Still, that weekend a nasty cold, a clog in his insulin pump, and other factors led to a series of high blood sugars and, consequently, vomiting and dehydration. We were shades away from hospitalization. Read more
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