Spare a Rose, Save a Child With Diabetes

Spare a Rose Save a Child
I will never forget the story I heard from Life for a Child several years ago about the children who stood at the end of a village road waiting for insulin to arrive from aid workers, crying when a vial fell to the ground and shattered. I weep when I think of those little ones watching that hope and hopelessness pool into the cracks of the dry earth. Read more

Alyssa’s Promise: How to Drive Safely with Diabetes

Alyssa's Promise
While aware of the impact of low blood sugar (hypoglycemia) on the ability to drive, they were not aware that driving with hyperglycemia may be just as dangerous. The Zepedas vowed to do whatever it took to spread the word in order to spare another family this type of heartbreak. Read more

Making It Simple: Bigfoot’s Approach to the Artificial Pancreas

BigFoot Home
Bigfoot’s goal is to make pump-sensor therapy simpler than the pump companies before them have. They envision themselves as a service provider rather than a hardware or device company. Their service will be to “do a better job delivering insulin,” automating your between-meal insulin therapy, the communication between your pump and your Dexcom CGM, even so far as serving as a single point of contact for all of your supply and prescription inventory management, sending you supplies when you... Read more

23 Hilarious Diabetes Sniglets We Just Made Up

22 Hilarious Diabetes Sniglets We Just Made Up
diabetic - a term once used to describe people with diabetes diameter – the distance travelled by a person with diabetes to reach his or her glucose meter dialate - when you're late for work because of an eye exam Read more

Beyond Type 1: Beyond Compare

beyond type 1 logo
Lucas doesn’t see Beyond Type 1 as a traditional diabetes nonprofit, but more like a seed-funded tech startup, as they have the luxury of having been completely self-funded. She says they are “taking the lessons from Silicon Valley and applying them to a nonprofit.” Read more

Personalizing Diabetes Care: An Interview with Dr. Mariela Glandt

Mariela Glandt - Office
Rather than telling patients they’re wrong, I try to give them the tools to make good decisions about their health. Guilt is not a motivator. And we tend to overlook baby steps. It’s not realistic to tell a patient to change their entire diet overnight. But asking a patient to cut out one thing, sodas, for example, can make a big impact on overall health. Read more

Don’t Call My Kid A Diabetic

Don't call my kid a diabetic
“In alignment with the ADA’s position that diabetes does not define people, the word ‘diabetic’ will no longer be used when referring to individuals with diabetes… Read more
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