Running the Falmouth Road Race for Team Joslin

Team Joslin
Team Joslin is a group of generous and dedicated individuals from all over the world who participate in athletic events to raise funds for Joslin Diabetes Center in Boston, MA. The funds raised through these events contribute to Joslin’s mission to prevent, treat and cure diabetes. Read more

A Heartbreaking Diabetes Coincidence that Made a Friendship Stronger

The JDRF Gala
I called my friend Anne from the ER. “Lauren’s in the hospital,” I said. “She was just diagnosed with Type 1 diabetes. And I’m wicked scared.” Anne is my friend and neighbor. We met pushing baby carriages down the street. While I’m a loud (sometimes overbearing) extrovert, Anne is calm and reserved. I was thrilled she wanted to be friends with me. Read more

UnitedHealthcare, We Need Insulin Pump Choices

Medtronic Minimed Revel
In its May bulletin to healthcare providers, UnitedHealthcare (@myUHC) announced that, starting July 1st 2016, Medtronic would be its “preferred” in-network provider of insulin pumps for its adult customers with Type 1 diabetes. This means that, with a few exceptions, if you’ve got Type 1 diabetes and health insurance from United, your next pump is going to be Medtronic. And since United is the nation’s largest insurance company, it’s conceivable that other insurance companies will follow suit. Read... Read more

Insulin Desperately Needed for Syrians With Diabetes

Insulin for Syrians withe Diabetes
T1International works alongside people with diabetes around the world to advocate for access to diabetes supplies. The charity is currently running their Insulin for Syrians campaign, encouraging people to donate money that will be used to provide insulin and diabetes supplies to families in Aleppo and other locations in Syria where aid has been cut off. Read more

Talk About Diabulimia, But Don’t Teach It

We Are Diabetes -
Nearly 20 years ago, a teenage girl with type 1 diabetes read an article in a well-established diabetes publication about “diabulimia.” More specifically, she read the sidebar of the article that essentially taught her how to skip her insulin injections for the sake of weight loss. Despite reading the sentence explaining just how severely dangerous this behavior was, the girl absorbed only the part about losing weight. Read more

The Artificial Pancreas is Coming, and Other Highlights from ADA 2016

Medtronic announced on June 27 that it has submitted its Hybrid Closed Loop System (otherwise known as the MMT-670G system) to the FDA for approval. While not technically an artificial pancreas, the system consists of two parts: an insulin pump and a continuous glucose monitor. Once the system has been calibrated, the pump uses the readings from the CGM (which are taken every five minutes) to deliver insulin, with the goal of keeping blood sugars within a target range.... Read more

Restaurant Told Diabetics to Inject Insulin in the Bathroom

The SIgn at Mike's Pig Pen
I have a child with type 1 diabetes. That means on many occasions I’ve helped my kid use insulin at a table in a restaurant. Taking him to a bathroom to give him an injection would send a message to him and the rest of the world that he should be ashamed of having type 1 diabetes, that he’s doing something dirty or illicit. Read more

The Day Type 1 Diabetes Changed For Me

A Family Fights Type 1 Diabetes
When my eleven month old niece, Ella, was diagnosed with Type 1 diabetes, I was equal parts stunned, angry, and sad. My sister (Ella’s mother) and I both have Type 1 diabetes, but Ella’s diagnosis still came as a shocking blow. Read more

8 Things Every Parent of a Child with Diabetes Needs to Hear

8 Things Every D-Parent Needs to Hear
This one is for the outside world, the people watching us try to master this parenting a child with diabetes life, because I’ve noticed that you’re avoiding me sometimes. And other times you say things with the best of intentions that just… set me off. So here it is, my guide to help you. Instead of saying what not to say to the parent of a child with diabetes, I offer you what yes to say. I hope it helps... Read more
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