How to Feed Children with Type 1 Diabetes: A Trust Model

How to Feed Children with Type 1 Diabetes: A Trust Model
With Type 1 diabetes there will be special circumstances, but overall, the trusting approach that sDOR presents will help a child in the long run. Some of the traditional ways of managing diabetes can undermine a person's trust with their hunger and fullness cues, and constantly correcting highs and lows can contribute to a cycle of forcing foods when a child is not hungry.” Read more

Smart Insulin Patch Holds Promise for Treating Diabetes

Insulin Patch
The penny-sized patch is embedded with more than one hundred tiny needles, each about the width and length of an eyelash. Those needles in turn are loaded with microscopic storage units containing insulin and glucose-sensing enzymes that trigger a release of insulin when blood sugar levels go past a certain level. Read more

The Novo Nordisk Pipeline: An Interview with CMO Todd Hobbs

Dr. Hobbs
Todd Hobbs, the chief medical officer for North America at Novo Nordisk, knows diabetes from all angles: as a patient; as an endocrinologist (for ten years he ran a clinical practice focused on patients of all ages with diabetes); as an executive at a pharmaceutical company working to develop new treatments (he’s worked at Novo Nordisk since 2004); and as a parent (one of his six sons was diagnosed with type 1 at age five) Read more

Why I Became a Diabetes Researcher

Single outlined pancreas gland over white background
While the drug I worked on at UVA did not prevent or reverse the onset of diabetes, I have continued to study what initiates the development of Type 1 diabetes and how we might be able to stop it. Fueled by my desire to help Katherine, I am working with a team of other scientists from around the world to determine whether or not viruses might play a role in Type 1 diabetes development. Read more

The 12 Best Low Carb Vegetables

Low Carb Vegetables
If you’re looking to keep your carbs low, here are twelve healthy low carb vegetables that will give you the most bang for your buck. They are all low in carbs and high in fiber and nutrients. Plus some of them can be used in place of pasta, bread, and chips. You can’t beat that! Read more

Do You Use Control Solution to Test Your Glucometer?

Control Solution to Test Your Glucometer
I came across a bottle of glucose control solution. It was expired, of course. When we were still in the hospital just after my son’s diagnosis, our diabetes educator had taught us how to use the solution to ensure the accuracy of a new batch of strips. We used it once or twice, and honestly, that’s the last time we used the stuff. Read more

Longtime D-Mom Loses Weight and Gains Strength

Moira - Before and After
That’s right. While I worked hard and constantly not only to keep my daughter with diabetes healthy: blood checks, doctors appointments, the seemingly endless battle with insurance, educating others, setting things up so she could embrace the life of a “normal” child, etc, I forgot to focus on me. Read more

What to Pack in Your Diabetes Emergency Kit

Diabetes Emergency Kit
No matter the season, Mother Nature can wreak havoc in our lives. Other emergencies can turn our world upside down. For those people with type 1 diabetes, always being prepared is essential. Below is a list of things that should … Read more

Trulicity Trial Shows Benefits for Type 2 Diabetes

Trulicity - Home
A yearlong clinical trial in more than a dozen countries reveals that once-a-week-Trulicity, used in conjunction with short acting insulin, not only improved blood sugar control for subjects with type 2 diabetes, but also curbed hypoglycemia compared to a standard treatment and reduced weight in trial subjects. Read more
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