8 Things Every Parent of a Child with Diabetes Needs to Hear

8 Things Every D-Parent Needs to Hear
This one is for the outside world, the people watching us try to master this parenting a child with diabetes life, because I’ve noticed that you’re avoiding me sometimes. And other times you say things with the best of intentions that just… set me off. So here it is, my guide to help you. Instead of saying what not to say to the parent of a child with diabetes, I offer you what yes to say. I hope it helps... Read more

Remembering Kitty Castellini

Remembering Kitty Castellini
My dear friend, Kitty Castellini passed away this week. She lived with type 1 diabetes for over 50 years. Kitty was a longtime diabetes advocate and president and founder of Diabetes Living Today. Read more

Bloodless Glucose Testing Moves Closer to Reality

A bloodless way to test blood sugar has long been the stuff of science fiction. But, now, a group of researchers in Wales is moving an innovative idea of drawing blood without puncturing the skin from the conceptual world of Star Trek to perhaps being available at a pharmacy down the street. Read more

Inspired by Diabetes: An Interview with Caroline Carter, Miss New Hampshire 2016

Inspired by Diabetes: An Interview with Caroline Carter, Miss New Hampshire 2016
Caroline Carter never imagined she’d trade her basketball sneakers for stilettos, but in a few months this 18-year-old Miss New Hampshire will compete for the Miss America crown in Atlantic City. In the meantime, Carter talks about her type 1 diabetes diagnosis day, the people who inspire her, and her belief that diabetes should never be an excuse. Read more

Your Insulin May Be Getting Smarter

Glucose Responsive Insulin Patch
JDRF, partnered with Sanofi, the company that manufactures Lantus among other insulins, recently pledged up to $4.6 million to support research into four different efforts to design a glucose-responsive insulin. Read more

Want to Test Drive a CGM?

iPro Trial - Medtronic
I learned about a trial with Medtronic's iPro, a clinical version of a CGM, that's inserted in the endocrinologist's office, worn for three days, and then returned to the doctor. The data is then uploaded and analyzed to determine sufficient need for a CGM, warranting coverage by insurance. Read more

My Celiac Diagnosis: As If Diabetes Wasn’t Enough

My Celiac Diagnosis: As If Diabetes Wasn't Enough
And while my options for eating out at restaurants are more limited, my tendency for self-pity is not. All it takes is a stroll past a person enjoying a sandwich or a normal beer, and I spiral into an irrational mixture of despair, rage and hunger. Read more

10 More Things Not to Say to a Person With Diabetes

“But you’re not fat.” Thank you so much for the keen evaluation of my overall well-being based on modern society’s perceptions of weight and health issues! Two things, though: a) One’s weight is not a sole determining factor in the development of any sort of diabetes. There are genetic and other environmental factors to consider, and there are roughly a bajillion people who have diabetes and do not look like what you think people with diabetes look like.... Read more
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