Does Hand Sanitizer Impact Blood Glucose Readings?

Sanitizer sketch home
After lathering up the hand sanitizer, Jess had an interesting thought: she wondered if the hand sanitizer could impact blood glucose readings. It was a great question that I never considered. I decided to find out. Read more

Miss Idaho Shows that True Beauty Comes in Making a Difference

Sierra Sandison became a role model, symbol, and icon to the millions of people with Type 1 diabetes all by deciding (in an admittedly somewhat hesitant way at first), to do something so simple and yet so complicated it’s hard to fathom: wear her insulin pump in clear sight while competing. Read more

Amazingly Easy Ways to Lower your A1c

Magic Wand - Lower Your A1c
Focusing on eeking down that ever shifting number can be one of the most frustrating things a person living with diabetes has to do. But here is some good news: while there may not be a magic wand, there are some pretty simple, pretty cool fixes to help you on your way to lower your A1c.Read more

Beyond the Ice Bucket: The Real Challenge for Diabetes Advocacy

Beyond the Ice Bucket home
In the diabetes world, I saw numerous commentators extolling the need for a parallel ice bucket challenge to raise money for diabetes research. This made me wonder why the idea of "making a difference" is almost universally equated with fundraising for research to the exclusion of all other needs in the global diabetes community. Read more

The 10 Best Things About Diabetes

Are We Talking About Blood Sugar
Living with diabetes is stressful, frustrating and exhausting, and my general response to people who encourage me to find the bright side of diabetes is to want to slap them. Nonetheless, while I’d take a successful pancreas transplant in a heartbeat, there are certain benefits that diabetes can provide. Read more

Can Treg Infusions Thwart the Immune Response in Type 1 Diabetes?

Treg Infusains
What researchers are investigating through Rooney’s trial is whether or not another component of the immune system called T regulatory cells, or Tregs, can thwart the aggressive immune response that destroys beta cells, according to Dr. Douglas Losordo, Chief Medical Officer for NeoStem, the company developing and testing the Treg treatment. Read more

The Highs and Lows of Diabetes in College

Pumps and Glucometers - Home
you’re in a lecture hall with 100+ people, taking a final exam. Not a sound can be heard except for pencils scratching on paper, the occasional cough, and BEEPBEEPBEEP or BUZZ! BUZZ! from your CGM or pump. It’s absolutely mortifying! Not only do you have to deal with subsequent stares and glares from your neighbors, but you also have to figure out which diabetes problem is causing the device disturbance in the first place – all while taking an... Read more

5 Truths All People With Diabetes Know

CakeAndPizza_wBorder Home
People who don’t know much about diabetes (and who like to get all up in other people’s business) might express their concern about the effects of sugary foods on your health. Little do they know that pizza has always been the real enemy. There’s something about that magical combination of grease, protein, carb-y crust, lactose and tomato sauce that can destroy your blood sugar for hours. Read more

Does Diabetes Need an Ice Bucket Challenge?

IceBucket Challenge
It’s understandable, then, with the incredible attention the ALS Ice Bucket Challenge is getting for those of us in the diabetes community to be in awe, to be inspired and okay, to be a little jealous. After all, ALS is getting a boost like we’ve never seen before. So you might be surprised by what I’m going to say here: Read more

Endurance Activity and Type 1 Diabetes: Team Blood Glucose on the Diabetes Grand Tour

Powered by Insulin - Home
This year's Team Blood Glucose Diabetes Grand Tour aims to continue what we started last year: to demonstrate what can be achieved by athletes with diabetes, setting an example for all people with diabetes, and encouraging them to join us for the next event. The research element of the ride will consist of tracking the riders’ performances using bicycle computers, and monitoring blood sugars using Dexcom CGMs. The research will be conducted by Imperial College London. Read more
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