JDRF Round-Up with Aaron Kowalski

JDRF Round-Up with Aaron Kowalski
Glucose-responsive insulin is one of the technologies on the horizon that Kowalski says he’s most excited about. The other is encapsulation, where insulin-producing cells would be protected from the body’s auto-immune attack. Read more

The Hidden Beauty in Life With Diabetes

Cute little cat peeking out
For 19 years, my focus and goal as the mother of a child with diabetes had been survival. And in life with diabetes, that meant developing a new level of acceptance. It meant looking at the strange and challenging daily situations as normal. Read more

Why I Gave Up on Weight Loss and Accepted My Body

Why I Gave Up on Weight Loss and Accepted My Body - Alanna Stockley
I know there are plenty of folks out there who will say it’s crazy and lazy to give up on weight loss. (Probably the same people who see me with my tall, lean, handsome husband and wonder what the hell he’s doing with me.) Do these people feel pity and disgust when they see my body? Read more

Decorating Diabetes

Decorating Diabetes
“I started decorating my pods a few years ago when a friend of mine invited me to join a Facebook page called "Pimp my Pod," said Fishman. “There were so many interesting and unique designs and a multitude of variations so I figured I would give it a try.” Read more

Dr. Phil Launches Type 2 Diabetes Education Campaign

Dr. Phil Launches Type 2 Diabetes Education Campaign
Discussing the guilt and stigma that often accompanies type 2 diabetes, television personality Dr. Phil announced a new initiative to increase awareness of, and improve treatment for, the condition he’s had for more than 25 years. Read more

Sweet Siblings: Diabetes Youth Advocates Offer Support

sweetsiblingstable home
For kids and teenagers living with type 1 diabetes, it can be hard to find the resources and communities that click for them, as many sites are understandably geared toward their parents. Facing a new diagnosis, it’s especially scary for kids, and they might have questions that are different from the ones their parents have. Read more
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