10 Things Not to Say to a Person with Diabetes

Every person with diabetes has one: a story of a diabetes-related comment they received that completely left them reeling. There are memes and videos dedicated to these comments. The wise folks at Behavioral Diabetes Institute even made pocket-sized etiquette cards you can hand out to try to save people from their own big mouths. Read more

Fashion, Advocacy and Community: How a Gown Stole a JDRF Gala Show

Shortly after I received the incredible news that my husband and I would be honored at the 2016 JDRF One Night Gala in Boston this year, I got a message from fellow D-mom, Darlene, a talented seamstress. “I am making you an original gown for this event," she said. "And… it’s my gift to you.” Read more

Old School Diabetes Tips You Need to Know

Old School Diabetes Tips You Need to Know
Which brings me to the olden days of diabetes. Back when we had to walk barefoot both ways uphill in snow to get our NPH and Regular. Back when pumps clicked and meters took a lot of blood and a good long time to count down. Read more

Diabetes Trouble at the 2016 Vienna Marathon

Vienna Marathon 2016
I got my first CGM three and a half weeks before I ran the Vienna marathon. I used it on my final long training run (23 miles), and on my short runs leading up to the marathon. I was trying … Read more

Diabetes Emojis: The Inspiration Behind the Images

Diabetes Emojis
No existing emoji could properly symbolize a glucose tablet, an insulin pump, or a vial of insulin. Amy Ohmer, owner and creator of NaturallySweetSisters, decided to change this; thus, the DiabetesEmoticons app was born. Read more

JDRF Round-Up with Aaron Kowalski

JDRF Round-Up with Aaron Kowalski
Glucose-responsive insulin is one of the technologies on the horizon that Kowalski says he’s most excited about. The other is encapsulation, where insulin-producing cells would be protected from the body’s auto-immune attack. Read more
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