Why We Don’t Need A Soda Ban

Convincing the public to drink less soda has already proven effective. Consumption of soda has declined precipitously over the last nine years. It’s no wonder the beverage industry fought the New York City soda ban so vigorously. Read more

Tips for Traveling with Diabetes

TCDO -Home
If you plan to travel abroad, have all your medical information converted to the language of the country you are planning to visit. Carry this information with you at all times. Create one sheet with all your important information. Convert it to a PDF and save it in a Dropbox or Evernote folder that you can access from anywhere. Or, snap a photo with your phone for a quick reference. Read more

Not Quite So Brave: Living with Diabetes in Three Countries

TartuTownHallWinter home
When I mention my travels many people act surprised, and I’m never sure how to respond. To me, being “brave” means being afraid of something and doing it anyway. I’m a cautious person who avoids taking risks. The prospect of dealing with diabetes abroad didn’t seem particularly scary to me—if it had, I’m not sure I would have done it. Read more

Are People With Diabetes Prone to Violence?

Are people with diabetes prone to violence?
Hallucinations and aggressive violence are not part of everyone’s reaction to a dangerously low blood sugar. I, for example, tend to fall mute and still, paralyzed by confusion. Anyone who has experienced severe hypoglycemia knows the powerful effects of the condition. But is severe hypoglycemia the only cause of aggressive behavior related to diabetes? Read more

Pumps vs Injections: An Excerpt From “Raising Teens with Diabetes”

Pumping insulin can offer a person with diabetes more freedom, more precision, and less stress on a management basis. But they can be tricky, too: pumps need to be paid attention to quite closely. So what are the benefits of pumping, and what are the benefits of MDI? Both offer their own, and while many like to claim pumping is the only right choice, in reality, with the many types of insulin available today, the decision of pump versus... Read more

Skydiving With Type 1 Diabetes: The Adventures of Dennis Adair

Skydiving With Type 1 Diabetes: Dennis Adair
Living with diabetes is always an exercise in trying to create a rewarding, happy life while soaring and plummeting – and hopefully sometimes floating – between the rumble lines of our target ranges. When we encounter other people with diabetes, like skydiver Dennis Adair who pushes life out to the edges, it reminds us that our own dreams can soar higher than any meter can register. Read more

10 More Things Not to Say to a Person With Diabetes

theres-a-good-kind-of-diabetes Home
“But you’re not fat.” Thank you so much for the keen evaluation of my overall well-being based on modern society’s perceptions of weight and health issues! Two things, though: a) One’s weight is not a sole determining factor in the development of any sort of diabetes. There are genetic and other environmental factors to consider, and there are roughly a bajillion people who have diabetes and do not look like what you think people with diabetes look like.... Read more

Children With Diabetes Friends for Life 2014: A Wrap-Up

CWD FFL 2014
It was midway into a parents’ session on positive caregiving at the annual Children with Diabetes Friends for Life conference in Orlando, and a mother in the corner of the room was crying. Feeling alone and overwhelmed by the new task of raising a toddler with Type 1 Diabetes, her emotions overflowed. Read more

Inhaled Insulin for Diabetes: Is Afrezza Worth the Risks?

AFREZZA inhaled insulin - Mannkind
Will I prescribe Afrezza for people with diabetes? Not a lot, and not for past or present smokers, and not for people with any breathing problems (or heart issues that might cause difficulty breathing), and not without getting pulmonary function testing and explaining all of what I see as potential risks, and not without close follow-up. Read more
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