23 Hilarious Diabetes Sniglets We Just Made Up

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22 Hilarious Diabetes Sniglets We Just Made UpWhen my brother and I were kids in the ‘80s, we loved Sniglets, a series of books popularized on the show Not Necessarily the News. A sniglet is “any word that doesn’t appear in the dictionary, but should.” To play the Game of Sniglets, you could create a new nonsense word, repurpose an old one, make combinations, etc. They always made us laugh or made us think about funny situations, like ambivilane – the striped area by an exit ramp where people often pull off when trying to decide “Is this my exit?”

A common word we often hear in the online community is diaversary – the anniversary of your diabetes diagnosis. Taking a page from diaversary, we came up with the following for our diabetes dictionary (which of course we would call a diadictionary).


diabetic – [old English] a term once used to describe people with diabetes

diameter – the distance travelled by a person with diabetes to reach his or her glucose meter

diaphragm  – the muscle used for deep, calm breaths when someone asks, ‘Did you eat too much sugar?’

diabolical  – how one acts when blood sugar is high

dialogue – the conversation one has when meeting someone else wearing an insulin pump

diagonal –  that perfect 45° injection angle

diatribe – the angry, frustrated rant a person with diabetes goes off on when talking to their endocrinologist

diamond – the level of frequent flier miles you’d be at if you could count it in test strips

diagnosis – the day that will live in infamy

diarrhea – a condition caused by sugar free candy

diagram – what you draw while trying to understand your deductible and co-pay

diaper bag – what you need to carry all your diabetes junk

diagnostic – when you’re not sure whether you believe you took your dose or not

diary – your BG logs

dia de los muertos – you the morning after a major low blood sugar

And to get a little sillier…

diasaster – when you go to get that one last supply and realize you’re already out

diatitian  – the one you have to answer to (besides your scale)

dianother-day – our favorite James Bond film

diamn shame – when you go low but you’re out of the good candy

dialicious – when it’s low carb but you can’t tell

diavulge – when you share your A1C with the DOC

dialate – when you’re late for work because of an eye exam

diapression – when dealing with diabetes sends you into overwhelm mode

What diabetes sniglet would you add? Tell us in the comments!

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Comments (14)

  1. Katy at

    Dialectic: the seizure-like brain vacancy that occurs when two parts of one brain disagree over how much to bolus, eat, or adjust temp basal.

    Diabooboo: a tiny, inflamed wound, visible after removal of an infusion set.

    Diaphanous: adjective used to add a sense of glamor to Opsite Flexifix.

    Diaprah: a person with diabetes who aims to inspire others to live their best lives.

    Diaretic: the pro-urination effect caused by high blood glucose.

    Dia-passé: a notion about diabetes management so out of fashion it makes people roll their eyes. Or my attempts at Sniglets. (I love Sniglets and had forgotten about them until today!)

  2. Michael Aviad at

    Brilliant! These need to be added to the official list!

  3. katy at

    Don’t encourage me—I could play this all day!

  4. katy at

    Diatiques Road Show: Facebook groups where members hope to swap expired insulin pens for Dexcom transmitters.

    Diarpe Diem: seizing each day as a fresh, thrilling adventure in diabetes care.

    Dia-no-myte: JDRF Walk team name for fans of Good Times.

    Diazzled: adjective describing adorned transmitters, pods, and pumps, for example with Pump Peelz.

    The Magic of Diasney: the Disneyworld Guest Services card that used to allow people with diabetes and their families to skip ahead in line.

    Diasneyland: Joslin Diabetes Center, Boston.

    Diavorcee: a woman who leaves her husband because he forgets to pre-bolus their child or has never learned to change a site.

    Diaccompaniments: celiac disease, Hashimoto’s thyroidosis, rheumatoid arthritis, and other side dishes that often come with diabetes.

  5. katy at

    Diangleberries: bits of grimy adhesive left behind on a diabetic person’s skin after removal of an infusion sit or CGM sensor.

    Dianysus: a person with diabetes who can bolus correctly for wine.

    Diafetti: a handful of used test strips found at the bottom of the d-bag.

    Diamorous: adjective used to describe a person with diabetes who remains uncommitted to one pump, brand of insulin, or test strip.

    I’m totally done.

  6. katy at

    Diaspora: phenomenon that occurs when an insurance company refuses to pay for a specific brand of insulin, forcing members to switch suddenly to a new brand.

    Diare Straits: Australian band with hit song Sultans of Swinging Glucose.

  7. Doug Tallman at

    Diagon Alley – Magical place where a spell can turn a pokey pancreas into an insulin machine.

  8. Jeann at

    Loved them! Just shows that diabetes enhances the creative brain.

  9. Hannah at

    Dia na saur- How diabetes was treated pre-1900’s (pp) pre-pump
    Diorama-How someone with diabetes shows someone how they insert an insulin pump site or CGM
    Dia muggle-non diabetic

  10. Rita Addison at

    Love these ! Thanks.

  11. Ellen at

    Diacritical: as in the person who knows nothing about diabetes but comments on food choices made by someone who does

    Diaphoretic: the sweat induced state caused by either sending your child to school each year and having to train each teacher about diabetes or, an alternative definition being the sweaty condition caused by sending your child to camp (with sane teacher) when it is interstate and you aren’t nearby.

    Diastole: when your heart misses a beat when the call number display on your phone is the school number.

  12. Dmdiva at

    Diadextrous: the ability to test your blood glucose with either hand

  13. Katy at

    Poke-a-dotted: the pattern often seen on the pale fabric lining of a diabetic person’s purse, created by bloody finger blots. Also popular on bed linens.

  14. Katy at

    Two more:

    Diabown-chikka-bown-bown: for parents of children with diabetes, the number/arrow combination that indicates a suggested romantic encounter may proceed.

    Diabebay: placing (possibly misguided or delusional) eBay bids while up all night, in between diabetes management tasks.

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