How to Deal with Hypoglycemia Anxiety

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Hypoglycemia Anxiety

We are balancing the need to maintain good blood glucose control with the fear of hypoglycemia. This fear is well founded. Hypoglycemia is not just unpleasant and embarrassing- it can be fatal. Read more

8 Things Your Diabetes Doctor Wants You To Do [Infographic]

8 Things Your Diabetes Doctor Wants You To Do

Feeling ashamed of all the things you should have done won’t make your diabetes better. The best thing you can do is take action and get back on track. To make things easier for us, Dr. Zachary Bloomgarden, a New York City endocrinologist has made a list of the things he’d like all of his diabetes patients to do. Read more

Do You Use Control Solution to Test Your Glucometer?

Control Solution to Test Your Glucometer

I came across a bottle of glucose control solution. It was expired, of course. When we were still in the hospital just after my son’s diagnosis, our diabetes educator had taught us how to use the solution to ensure the accuracy of a new batch of strips. We used it once or twice, and honestly, that’s the last time we used the stuff. Read more

Diabetes Alert Dogs: What You Should Know

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Nathan with his Diabetes Alert Dog 1

Cynthia Hatch, a mother in Brookfield, Wisconsin, is convinced that her family’s diabetes alert dog Sunny, a golden retriever/Irish setter mix, has saved her son Nathan’s life multiple times. Nathan has all the latest diabetes gear: a CGM tied into a pump that automatically shuts off when his glucose goes below a certain level. But he also has a rare combination of type 1 diabetes and Addison’s disease, another autoimmune condition where hormonal imbalances can cause severe and precipitous drops in blood sugar. Read more

CGM in the Cloud: A Community Unites to Tackle Diabetes

Nightscout Dual View

CGM in the Cloud is a concept first put forward by engineer (and father of a young son with type 1) John Costik early last year that, in a nutshell, entails taking a patient’s CGMs device real-time data, sending it to the cloud, and then allowing access to that data – again, in real-time – in remote locations, such as a webpage, a cell phone, or a wearable, like the popular Pebble smartwatch. Read more

Does Hand Sanitizer Impact Blood Glucose Readings?

Sanitizer sketch

After lathering up the hand sanitizer, Jess had an interesting thought: she wondered if the hand sanitizer could impact blood glucose readings. It was a great question that I never considered. I decided to find out. Read more

Amazingly Easy Ways to Lower your A1c

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Magic Wand - Lower Your A1c

Focusing on eeking down that ever shifting number can be one of the most frustrating things a person living with diabetes has to do. But here is some good news: while there may not be a magic wand, there are some pretty simple, pretty cool fixes to help you on your way to lower your A1c.

Read more

Repeated Hypoglycemia is Not Directly Linked to Brain Damage

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Jacobson was involved in the most comprehensive long-term study of whether hypoglycemia adversely impacts brain function. As part of a team Jacobson studied the effects of improved blood sugar control on type 1 diabetic patients who were participants in The Diabetes Control and Complications Trial—or DCCT. Read more

Lifebringer: This New Diabetes App is a Virtual Caregiver

Lifebringer Screen Shot

Lifebringer is a free, interactive web-based app for type 1 and 2 diabetics, as well as newly diagnosed diabetics, that goes beyond simply tracking blood sugars and organizing numbers input users. It also uses Meehan’s program, called Nagbot, to interact with the user. Nagbot sends encouraging emails to the user over their computer, tablet, or mobile device reminding them to test, or letting them know how they’re doing, and suggesting ways to improve their health. Nagbot, in other words, acts as a helpful companion. Read more

New Surveillance Program To Monitor Blood Glucose Meter Accuracy

Test Strips

Good news on the blood glucose meter accuracy front: the Diabetes Technology Society (DTS) is beginning work on a surveillance program to ensure that blood glucose meters and strips that have been cleared for sale in the United States continue to meet those accuracy standards even after they’re on the market. Read more

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