From Shots to Tandem t:slim Pump

From Shots to Tandem t:slim Pump

I made the decision to go on the Tandem t:slim pump. The t:slim G4 integrates Dexcom’s G4 Platinum continuous glucose monitor right onto the home screen. And I really liked the idea of having my CGM data and insulin pump as an all in one device. Read more

The Artificial Pancreas is Coming, and Other Highlights from ADA 2016


Medtronic announced on June 27 that it has submitted its Hybrid Closed Loop System (otherwise known as the MMT-670G system) to the FDA for approval. While not technically an artificial pancreas, the system consists of two parts: an insulin pump and a continuous glucose monitor. Once the system has been calibrated, the pump uses the readings from the CGM (which are taken every five minutes) to deliver insulin, with the goal of keeping blood sugars within a target range. Read more

Bloodless Glucose Testing Moves Closer to Reality


A bloodless way to test blood sugar has long been the stuff of science fiction. But, now, a group of researchers in Wales is moving an innovative idea of drawing blood without puncturing the skin from the conceptual world of Star Trek to perhaps being available at a pharmacy down the street. Read more

Your Insulin May Be Getting Smarter

Glucose Responsive Insulin Patch

JDRF, partnered with Sanofi, the company that manufactures Lantus among other insulins, recently pledged up to $4.6 million to support research into four different efforts to design a glucose-responsive insulin. Read more

Diabetes Trouble at the 2016 Vienna Marathon

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Vienna Marathon 2016

I got my first CGM three and a half weeks before I ran the Vienna marathon. I used it on my final long training run (23 miles), and on my short runs leading up to the marathon. I was trying … Read more

Snowboarding With An Artificial Pancreas

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Snowboarding With An Artificial Pancreas

Type Zero Technologies’ chief mathematician, Dr. Boris Kovatchev, reached out to Riding on Insulin to gauge interest in being part of a groundbreaking artificial pancreas trial. Read more

Making It Simple: Bigfoot’s Approach to the Artificial Pancreas

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BigFoot Home

Bigfoot’s goal is to make pump-sensor therapy simpler than the pump companies before them have. They envision themselves as a service provider rather than a hardware or device company. Their service will be to “do a better job delivering insulin,” automating your between-meal insulin therapy, the communication between your pump and your Dexcom CGM, even so far as serving as a single point of contact for all of your supply and prescription inventory management, sending you supplies when you need them, “connecting everything, making it intuitive,” says Brewer. Read more

The Race Toward an Artificial Pancreas: Where Are We Today?

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While we will not see a true artificial pancreas – a closed-loop insulin pump and continuous glucose monitoring system – come to market in 2016, we are so close we can artificially taste it. Read more

Novo Nordisk’s New Insulin Tresiba to Take on Lantus


The first improvement over Lantus, according to Hobbs, is simply the length of time the insulin lasts. While Lantus lasts up to 24 hours per dose “with no pronounced peak,” Tresiba lasts considerably longer.
Read more

Why I Ditched My Insulin Pump for Injections

Why I Ditched My Insulin Pump for Injections

I hated the way my pump interfered with my outfits. I hated the middle of the night beeping. And I really hated changing the reservoir. Yet, since I’d been pumping since I was eight years old, by the time I was in my freshman year of college, being on a pump was all I knew. Read more

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