Want to Test Drive a CGM?

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iPro Trial - Medtronic

I learned about a trial with Medtronic’s iPro, a clinical version of a CGM, that’s inserted in the endocrinologist’s office, worn for three days, and then returned to the doctor. The data is then uploaded and analyzed to determine sufficient need for a CGM, warranting coverage by insurance. Read more

Snowboarding With An Artificial Pancreas

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Snowboarding With An Artificial Pancreas

Type Zero Technologies’ chief mathematician, Dr. Boris Kovatchev, reached out to Riding on Insulin to gauge interest in being part of a groundbreaking artificial pancreas trial. Read more

The Race Toward an Artificial Pancreas: Where Are We Today?

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While we will not see a true artificial pancreas – a closed-loop insulin pump and continuous glucose monitoring system – come to market in 2016, we are so close we can artificially taste it. Read more

7 New Diabetes Products to Look for in 2016


Another insulin coming to us in 2016 is Lilly’s new basal insulin, Basaglar – a form of insulin glargine (which you may recognize if you’re familiar with Lantus). FDA approved it just this week after a patent dispute was finally resolved with Sanofi. Read more

OmniPod Review: Tubeless is Good, Alarms are Bad

OmniPod Review 1

Another nice thing about the OmniPod is that the process to change the infusion set is simpler. This means that my daughters can do it themselves more easily and at a younger age. It still hurts, though. Read more

TMI: Why I Turned Off Dexcom Share

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Diabetes Bag

Dex Share meant that—if our entire family was home and our son went high or low—two cell phones and the Dex receiver would sound their alarms, sparking red alerts from every room. If that was contributing to my anxiety, what was it doing to my seven-year-old son? Read more

Type Zero: Taking the Artificial Pancreas to the Next Level

Artificial Pancreas - Type Zero Trial

We are excited to learn that based on the ten years of clinical trials at UVA, a new startup, Type Zero, is taking the inControl Diabetes Management Platform — which is the software running the UVA AP — to the next level. Read more

When a Non-Diabetic a Wears A CGM

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When a non diabetic uses a CGM - home

In the midst of all this fear and anxiety brought on by excess knowledge about my blood sugars, I began to speculate that a dystopian end-point for all this wearable technology and increased self-awareness could be a society of terrified hypochondriacs. Read more

Do You Use Control Solution to Test Your Glucometer?

Control Solution to Test Your Glucometer

I came across a bottle of glucose control solution. It was expired, of course. When we were still in the hospital just after my son’s diagnosis, our diabetes educator had taught us how to use the solution to ensure the accuracy of a new batch of strips. We used it once or twice, and honestly, that’s the last time we used the stuff. Read more

Which New Blood Glucose Meter Should You Buy in 2015?

Meter Collage 3

Abbott’s Freestyle Precision Neo is as slender a meter as you will find on the market, with a battery that will last for thousands and thousands of blood glucose checks. While the meter itself is inexpensive ($22-27 depending on retailer), one of several features of the Neo that is revolutionary is that the strips are priced low enough that Abbott tells customers they can “skip the co-pay.” A box of 50 strips is less than $25, as low as $19 from some retailers. Read more

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