On the Road to a Type 1 Diabetes Cure: Melton Lab Creates Functioning Beta Cells

Human stem cell derived beta cells

Using human embryonic stem cells as a base, the lab has pioneered a process that can reproduce human, insulin-producing beta cells on a large scale. As Melton said in a conference call with journalists, “What we’re reporting on is something that I think was obvious to many as a possible solution but just turned out to be difficult to achieve, and that is the creation of human beta cells that properly respond to sugar or glucose and secrete the right amount of insulin.” Read more

Can Treg Infusions Thwart the Immune Response in Type 1 Diabetes?

Treg Infusains

What researchers are investigating through Rooney’s trial is whether or not another component of the immune system called T regulatory cells, or Tregs, can thwart the aggressive immune response that destroys beta cells, according to Dr. Douglas Losordo, Chief Medical Officer for NeoStem, the company developing and testing the Treg treatment. Read more

Islet Cell Transplant for Type 2 Diabetes: Could it Work?

Human Islet - Dr. Gordon Weir - Home

“I’m a big proponent of islet cell transplantation for type 2 diabetics,” says Dr. Gordon Weir, who is one of the world’s foremost experts on islet cell transplantation as Co-Head of the Section on Islet Cell and Regenerative Biology, the Diabetes Research and Wellness Foundation Chair at the Joslin Diabetes Center, and Professor of Medicine at Harvard Medical School. “I tell people this and they look at me like I’m a little nuts. But, I believe there is no reason it couldn’t work effectively. I’m actually more optimistic about islet cell transplant for type 2 than for type 1.” Read more

Azurite: Attempting to Develop a Noninvasive Continuous Glucose Monitor

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Azurite -

Azurite’s idea is based on the fact that an electromagnetic signal, depending on its wavelength, can bounce off a surface and return to its source with a particular pattern reflective of the surface it encountered. Glucose molecules, like any material, reflect a unique electromagnetic signal based on their inherent electrical properties. So Azurite hopes to bounce an electromagnetic signal off the glucose in your blood, Read more

Lawrence Steinman’s ‘Reverse Vaccine’ Targets Immune Response in Type 1 Diabetes

Reverse Vaccine - Lawrence Steinman

Sometimes, when you’re stuck and spinning your wheels without making much forward progress, putting it in reverse can get you going. That’s what Dr. Lawrence Steinman and his colleagues are doing by attempting to cure type 1 diabetes with a unique and groundbreaking “reverse vaccine.”
Read more

Diabetes Cure Research: Turning Duct Cells into Beta Cells

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Picture of Pancreas

Bonner-Weir and other scientists have argued that either the beta cells in the pancreas continue to make copies of themselves, or that the pancreatic ducts, through a process called budding or neurogenesis, continue producing new cells. Read more

Ways to Avoid Diabetes Complications: Talking to Joslin’s Dr. George L. King

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Gold Medals

King’s research into understanding the causes of diabetes complications, so he can help to find ways of preventing them through treatments and lifestyle changes, extends far beyond the confines of a lab or a petri dish. He is working with more than 800 people in the Joslin Diabetes Medalist program Read more

The Orgenesis Approach to a Diabetes Cure: Turning Liver Cells into Beta Cells

Orgenesis process - Home

Dr. Ferber wants to take a patient’s own liver cells, turn them into beta cells in the lab, and then put them back in the patient just like an islet cell transplant. Because the starting cells are the patient’s own cells, important protein markers on the cells would “match” what the patient’s immune system expects, and the cells would in theory not induce an immune reaction like an organ transplant would. Read more

Why Everyone is Talking About Glucagon

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In anticipation of stable, liquid glucagon, one of the newest entrants into the insulin pump space, Tandem Diabetes Care has jumped ahead of the crowd and created a two-chamber infusion pump capable of holding and injecting both insulin and a secondary hormone, which they expect will be glucagon. This tandem Tandem pump is already being tested in Dr. Ed Damiano’s clinical trial of a dual-hormone bionic pancreas. Read more

Cure for Type 1 Diabetes and MS? Discovery of Immune Suppressing Protein CD52

T-cell Regulation home

Dr. Harrison and his team identified that some T cells express a molecule on their surfaces, CD52, that is capable of suppressing other T cells. Understanding the ways in which the immune system normally controls and suppresses T cells is crucial to our understanding what goes wrong in autoimmune diseases. Read more

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