12 Things I Wish I Could Have Until There’s A Cure For Diabetes


With two young children who have type 1 diabetes, I must do everything twice… Read more

On the Road to a Type 1 Diabetes Cure: Melton Lab Creates Functioning Beta Cells

Human stem cell derived beta cells

Using human embryonic stem cells as a base, the lab has pioneered a process that can reproduce human, insulin-producing beta cells on a large scale. As Melton said in a conference call with journalists, “What we’re reporting on is something that I think was obvious to many as a possible solution but just turned out to be difficult to achieve, and that is the creation of human beta cells that properly respond to sugar or glucose and secrete the right amount of insulin.” Read more

Swimming Around Key West with Type 1 Diabetes: 9 Things We Learned

Winners-Sea peptide

On June 28th, Erin Spineto, Renee Moreno, and I swam 12.5 miles around the island of Key West, FL. We were the first team of people with type 1 diabetes to swim the race, and we swam a significant portion against the current. The water was so shallow that we jammed our fingers into the coral, and they bled. We swam over the tops of sharks. We were impatient with each other and laughed about it later. Read more

How Our Daughter’s Type 1 Diabetes Diagnosis Changed her Life—And Ours


Even though Bisi can live a long, healthy life, I feel terribly sad for her, and for us. Sad that she will need tens (hundreds?) of thousands of blood tests and injections; sad that what she can eat and how she lives is so much more regimented and restricted than it was before; that she faces health consequences and worries that a six year old shouldn’t have to know about or think about. And I feel sad, even though she is a girl who takes an enormous amount of pleasure out of life, that she knows her life is shadowed by this. Read more

The Future of Continuous Glucose Monitoring Technology

Dexcom Screen - Home

In a recent diaTribe interview with David Panzirer and Dana Ball, two of the main figures behind the Helmsley Charitable Trusts’s Type 1 Diabetes program, both men were asked what would be the most important advance in type 1 diabetes over the next five or ten years. Both men answered that improved continuous glucose monitoring technology has the potential to revolutionize the lives of people with type 1 diabetes. Read more

Azurite: Attempting to Develop a Noninvasive Continuous Glucose Monitor

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Azurite -

Azurite’s idea is based on the fact that an electromagnetic signal, depending on its wavelength, can bounce off a surface and return to its source with a particular pattern reflective of the surface it encountered. Glucose molecules, like any material, reflect a unique electromagnetic signal based on their inherent electrical properties. So Azurite hopes to bounce an electromagnetic signal off the glucose in your blood, Read more

Diabetes Camp: Why It’s Really Good for Parents


It’s important for parents to make a list for themselves and the rest of their family and then stick to it during diabetes camp weeks. It’s just too easy for diabetes to remain front and center in our lives, even when our kids are away. A little work at tucking it away isn’t just not selfish, it might just be semi selfless, since it makes us both physically and emotionally stronger, and helps bolster the entire family. Read more

Should I Screen My Child for Type 1 Diabetes and Celiac Disease?

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Many parents I know with diabetes themselves, or who have one child with diabetes, occasionally check the blood sugar level of a particularly thirsty non-diabetic toddler or a seems-sleepier-than-usual non-diabetic sibling. But there is no palm reading for as-of-yet unpricked fingers. I can’t sit around worrying for what may or may not happen. I am sure I will see the symptoms if they appear. I’m sure I’m equipped to handle a diagnosis. Why put myself or my kid through unnecessary worry, stress, or pain?

Read more

Having a Healthy Pregnancy with Type 1 Diabetes: Advice from New Moms

Diabetes Momy Collage

“I wish I hadn’t known about all the things that could have gone wrong with my pregnancy, and that I could have focused instead on all the things that were going right. We get so used to our bodies being broken, so it’s that much more important to focus on the cool stuff, like baby building. I still can’t believe I pulled it off.”
Read more

Changes for Jeff Hitchcock and Children with Diabetes

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Jeff Hitchcock and his website, Children with Diabetes, have gone through some significant changes recently. These changes reflect how growth and success brings its own set of challenges, and also reflect some larger changes taking place in how diabetes functions as a business. Read more

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