Falling into September

With August on the run, I can’t help but think how every September seems like a new year, even if my going to school days are behind me. To honor this feeling, I’m off to buy a fresh log book for my diabetes readings, where I will try (emphasize, try) to keep track of my sugars and what I’ve consumed. I’ve fooled around with some of the fancy apps available on the i-Phone and i-Pad2, but to work you still need to remember to input the numbers, and while I’m pretty good at checking my glucose (particularly if I’m high or low), I’m not so good at actually writing it down.  Still, the idea of going to Staples to suss out the latest in an old fashioned notebook with actual pages technology excites me almost as much as if I were a kindergartener on her first bus ride into school.

Pretty Pavlovian, no?


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