Diabetes Petition: Blue M&M’s for the Treatment of Hypoglycemia

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Dear Mars, Inc., Manufacturer of M&M’s,

In the 90s, when I came of voting age, I experienced the joy of voting for President Clinton.  I felt as though I were making a difference in the world.  I was proud of myself and my contribution to the United States of America as I cast my vote in favor of gun control, higher taxes for the wealthy, a woman’s right to abortion without exception, and so on.  Then, just a few years later, in 1995, thanks to you, I had the opportunity to cast my vote on a matter, unlike all that other stuff I mentioned, that truly defined basic American values: the color of our M&M’s. You gave me the power to oust the tan M&M, a color so putrid it was only in dark movie theaters that we could eat it without thinking of baby diarrhea.

I was not alone in my desire for change. 10 million Americans raised their phone receivers to vote on the future color of M&M’s. More than 50% of us chose blue. 

Blue m&m

At the time I based my vote on a several things: First, I was a student at the University of Michigan and “Go Blue!” was one of my regular cheers.  Second, I truly believed the world was in need of more blue food. Now, however, as I have become a person with diabetes, blue has a whole new meaning to me. Blue is the color of diabetes awareness. A blue circle is the international symbol of diabetes.  I write to you today to ask you to become a diabetes advocate. Help me and my community raise diabetes awareness by declaring the blue M&M the international symbol for the treatment of hypoglycemia.

I propose the following: Create a blue M&M that contains one gram of carbohydrate per button.  Sell in packages of 15 M&M’s per pack.  In order to differentiate between regular packages of M&M’s, I suggest you add to your label “for the treatment of hypoglyceM&Mia”.  (Mars Pharmaceuticals could be your future!) If you agree to do this, and dedicate all of your profits to diabetes research and charities, I will write another petition asking my community to change the O in DOC to a blue M&M.

Now is the time.  It’s been 18 years since the blue M&M came to life.  Since then diabetes rates have doubled or tripled, or quadrupled!  All around the world people are sweating and shaking from hypoglycemia with nothing but barfy, chalky glucose tablets (exception: Glucolift) to save them from fainting.  Blue M&M’s (1g of carb per button) could change the face (and taste) of hypoglycemia.  Think of the testimonials you’d get:

Jess Apple: I used to dread hypoglycemia.  I ran my blood sugar high all of the time just to avoid going low.  Now that I know I can treat accurately with M&M’s, I smile at the thought of hypoglycemia.  The days of forgetting to take my insulin are long gone.

Mike Aviad: Some people think Mars and their products are responsible for the rising obesity and diabetes epidemic in America.  I say, who cares?  Unlike all of the other food companies selling crap, Mars is making a difference with Blue M&M’s (1g of carb per button) for the treatment of hypoglyceM&Mia.  When I am low, Mars brings me up.  Mars cares about people with diabetes.  They might be killing us, but they’re also saving our lives.

Anonymous: I love how small and discreet Blue M&M’s (1g of carb per button) are.   I used to feel ashamed of pulling out bulky glucose tablets in public.  Not so with my baby Blues! People think I’m just snacking. No one ever suspects I’m about to pass out.

Mars, Inc, you have the opportunity to change history again.   We’re all grateful (and alive) because of insulin.  But insulin is not a cure.  So take this slogan and run with my idea: Until there’s a cure, there’s blue M&M’s (1g of carb per button).

Yours Sincerely,

Jessica Apple

(Please leave a comment if you support this petition!)

This post is part of Diabetes Blog Week.  Today’s topic: We the undersigned.  Write a petition.


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Comments (19)

  1. I am 100% behind this. I will change all o’s and 0’s to blue m&m’s in support.

  2. Heidi at

    I love this. So much more appealing then petitioning for blue glucose tablets.

  3. This is SO BRILLIANT!!! Sign me up – oh, and by signing on, do I get some free M&Ms, too?!? Totally great and clever post, Jess!!

  4. Now, there’s a cause I can get behind!  Clever! 🙂

  5. What a great way to make lows fun! Sign me up!

  6. Jenn at

    I too voted for the Blue M&M and am proud of it!  This petition I will gladly sign. 😀

  7. Reva at

    This is such a great idea!! I would sign your petition and buy those m&m’s! I love the name too! 

  8. John Fitzgerald at

    This is brilliant and medically necessary! As I ghet to better control I need to treat lows in 1 gram increments rather than the 5 gram Hershey Miniatures. Count me in – I’ll carry the signs at the demonstration.

  9. I love the idea and wholeheartedly back it! 

    Now, for some counter-programming. I do worry that there are many people (most?) who think that chocolate is an ideal low blood sugar treatment even though the it contains fat and digests much more slowly than simple carbs like glucose tabs or juice. For a serious low, this would not be a good option. So, this ought to be coupled with an educational campaign. 

  10. Marissa at

    Excellent Idea 

  11. John Fitzgerald at

    David, Amen to apple juice for serious lows! Don’t think that blue-colored apple juice would be a big success. This solution is for when your are 10 units below target not when you are looking at 50 mg/dl.

  12. Elizabeth at

    That’s a pretty smart idea.  My teenage daughter has type 1 diabetes 

  13. Clara Mcdevitt at

    I think this is a really, really good idea. I’ll def buy them for hypos!!! 

  14. I had no idea there was that petition in the ’90s-too funny.  I love your idea too

  15. Karen at

    I absolutely support this effort!!  And I support changed the O in DOC to a blue M&M too!!

  16. Dina at

    Great idea!

  17. Agnes at

    Chocolate does NOT work to bring up my daughter’s blood glucose.  I’d vote for blue skittles, though.

  18. katy at

    “hypyglyceM&Mia” <—ha ha ha!
    your use of “per button” as a measurement made me laugh too.

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