Two Weeks of Diabetes in San Diego

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Somehow, it’s June already. Almost the end of June, too. Frankly, I’m not ready; time needs to slow down!

But, ready or not, I am excited. June! That means summer (in theory; it has yet to arrive here in San Diego), and, better yet, it means it’s time for two weeks of diabetes in San Diego! My schedule for the immediate future:

June 18 and 19: Hang out with the incoming class of leaders-in-training with the Insulin Dependence crowd

June 20 – 22: Back to work mostly, with occasional breaks to crash the Insulin Dependence diabetes party.

June 22 – 24: The 3rd annual (and my 2nd annual) Roche Social Media Summit– which means hanging out with some fabulous diabetic writers, plus a stay-cation downtown at the Hard Rock Hotel, courtesy of Roche.

June 24 – 28: The American Diabetes Association Scientific Sessions— which means so many fabulous and fascinating talks about everything diabetes, from insulin signaling to beta cell regeneration.

June 29+: Detox, review, and write.

So, please excuse my girly squeal in anticipation of the festivities, and, if you’ll be in San Diego in the next couple of weeks, let’s get together: karmel–at–asweetlife–dot–org

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