My thoughts on a type 1 pregnancy

'Pregnant graffiti' (photo by Petteri Sulonen)

she wrote her
poem on his wrists
love transcribed in code
a double-backed
polynucleotide beast
sealing the air
between his lungs
and his wrists
on his wrists she wrote
her love son
son I a Silverstein
tree give you all
all that I have
that I know that
I am son son
but son not that
not that son I didn’t intend
my change is my
own she said
the link in my lifeline
crushed to powder
infertile and unexpressed
you son you are not
immune to my failing
take that link elsewhere
find your father
my solitary battle I
unbequeath this love
I give this war
I keep son
it is sadness take
that apple from
you father
please she wrote
please she said
on his wrists through
his veins sealed
in code between the
folds of infant skin.

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  1. shannon at

    This was very powerful. Thank you for sharing.

  2. Kerri. at

    I love this.  Love.

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