New CGM On The Way

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After the NYC Marathon in November, I decided I really needed a CGM. But, as is often the case with resolutions, I didn’t do anything about it until last week when I decided I was going for it.

Maybe the trigger was a bunch of symptomless lows, including some during my runs, or maybe it’s the fact that I am four weeks away from my next marathon. Whatever the reason, I made the decision – for real – last week, and I knew exactly which CGM I was going to get. Or so I thought.

I had my heart set on a Dexcom, and I called the distributor to make the purchase. I was excited. I hadn’t felt this excited about a piece of technology since I got my iPhone 1. I felt a bit like a kid waiting for his best birthday present ever.

But then I got an unexpected call from my insurance to let me know I’m due for a pump upgrade. (OMG it’s been five years since I started pumping!) I say upgrade because my new pump is going to be Medtronic’s MiniMed 640G.

At my diabetes clinic they suggested I buy the Medtronic CGM. “It works well with the new pump. And you will be able to use the improved low glucose suspend” the nurse said.

“I’m getting the Dexcom.” I said with the confidence of a person who’s made up his mind 100%.

A few days went by and the excitement kept building.

Then I got a call from Dr. Mariela Glandt, Jessica’s best friend and ASL’s medical advisor.

She was excited about my decision to get a Dexcom.

Then I told her I was also getting a new pump. The Medtronic MiniMed 640G.

“Then why are you getting the Dexcom?” she asked. “I have two patients on the new Medtronic pump with the CGM and they love it.”

“It’s true that Dexcom is a little more accurate, but the new and improved low glucose suspend (officially known as SmartGuard) makes it worth it,” she continued.

“Oh,” I said a little disappointed, “So I guess I should get the Medtronic CGM.”

My next call was to my Medtronic rep., Karen. I’ve got an appointment on Tuesday to get the goods.

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Comments (6)

  1. Tom at

    We returned the Medtronic cgm for dexcom
    The dexcom is much better on evert level including the lack to the metal needle that scarred my daughter and it never lasted 6 days more like 4 along with problems with the insertion device twice and lots of bleeding
    Get dexcom g 5 with the iPhone and set the alerts to wake you up

  2. Type1 at

    Objectively speaking Dexcom is the only choice in CGM. I too have used both and there is no comparison. With Dexcom you have accuracy you can trust, where a verification fingerstick before dosing and treatment is really not necessary. Medtronic makes a good pump but the CGM is a major dissapointment to the point that you NEED to verify what it is telling you is real before taking action. Sadly the low glucose suspend is tied to their CGM which, without exageration, has fundamental accuracy and reliability flaws. Medtronic has contracts with trainers (they pay their trainers over $800 to train on a pump and cgm – no other company does this. They also have “clinic contracts” where, if you are trained at a clinic they are also paid an extra ammount that no other company pays. You can see how this can cloud their guidance to a patient. It is not ethical in my opinion. If you find the Medtronic CGM problematic for you dont be afraid to return it (i think you have 30 days to do this) and get the Dexcom CGM – you would not be dissapointed.

  3. Sandy Brooks at

    I switched from Medtronics CGM to Dexcom as well. Despite careful calibration of my Medtronic CGM, it was very inaccurate over the year I tried the sof sensor and then the Enlite. What good is the threshold suspend if it’s not even close to accurate!!! & the CGM was constantly alarming which was especially annoying at night!! I’ve been on Dexcom for a year and couldn’t be happier!! Much less finicky as CGMgood luck to u! I hope Medtronics works out for u!! Btw, I still use my Medtronic 530G & I love it as well!!!

  4. Tim at

    Stick with Dexcom. One BIG issue with Medtronic Enlight is if you put pressure on it it will register a false low. If you have the threshold suspend active it will turn your insulin off for at least 2 hours. This sucks because you generally will find a way to lay on the sensor when you sleep.

    And the accuracy is a whole lot better with Dexcom than it is with Medtronic!

    Happy CGM Shopping!

  5. mom at

    Please don’t get the medtronic CGM. We are stuck with ours.

  6. Dissapointed at

    I have to disagree. I have had nothing but problems with Dexcom since they replaced my First G4 CGM after a data port failure. The first CGM [2 years old] worked great. It seems they have cheapened it up now. Reading off by over 100 regularly, buttons not working, alarms not working consistently. Many calls to tech support and no resolution except to constantly replace it. [I am on unit number 5 in 3 months time.]

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