#DBlogWeek Day 3 – Clean it Out

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Alright, the first two blogs for #dblogweek have been sort of heavy, so let’s lighten things up a bit by taking a peek into my diabetes supply bag.

A peek into#DBlogWeek Day 3 – Clean it Out -  my diabetes supply bag.

This little guy has been dwelling within the depths of my purse for about a year now. You can see that life there is a bit rough, seeing as the plain black bag is somewhat tattered around the edges. Yet it still serves its purpose, which is to house the majority of my diabetes supplies in one compact location.

You can see some of my just-in-case items in the zippered mesh pocket. This includes a few pen needles, syringes, gauze pads, and a couple of AAA batteries. It’s fairly unpredictable as to when my PDM battery needs to be changed, so I like to carry some on me at all times. Similarly, I make sure that I have back-ups of the aforementioned items because they could come in handy at any time.

You’ll notice that my meter, tissues, test strip vial, lancing device, Humalog pen, and a glucose gel all fit into the rest of the pouch. Besides the vial of test strips, you probably notice the dozens of used test strips littering the bottom of the bag. And you’re most likely wondering why my tissue looks so crumpled and shredded. I doubt you overlooked the overflowing zippered compartment, as well.

What I’m getting at by these last few observations is that my bag clearly could do with a thorough cleaning. There’s no reason why those test strips should have amassed to that degree. I guess I’m just lazy when it comes to throwing them away. Likewise, I find myself reusing the same tissue for several days in a row, causing it to become a bloody mess within that short window of time.

As for the stuffed pocket, maybe it couldn’t hurt to go through the items there and see if I need ALL of them. Hopefully, a quick pick-up and clean-out of my supply bag will spruce it up nicely as well as serve as a reminder to myself that cleanliness is next to godliness (laugh all you want, Mom and Dad!).

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