Karmel Allison, Caught by President Obama, is Doing Fine

October 21, 2013

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President Obama Catches Karmel Allison

Karmel Allison, ASweetLife’s science editor and author of the blog Where is My Robot Pancreas was standing just behind President Obama as he spoke about the Affordable Care Act today (Obamacare).  She began to feel lightheaded during the speech and as she was about to faint our heroic president reached back and caught her.

Karmel was invited to the White House by the American Diabetes Association after publishing a blog post about Obamacare, What Obamacare Feels Like to a Diabetic.

We’re happy to tell you that we’ve been in touch with Karmel and she is fine.  The team at ASweetLife thanks you all for your concern and good wishes.  


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Comments (20)

  1. tracey at

    I’m really glad to hear this. I don’t know her personally but as a T1 I’ve been worried about her all day after seeing the clip!

  2. Jeff N. at

    Thanks for the word, mike.  I saw her familiar face on the front page of http://www.nytimes.com this afternoon.  So great that she was there on the front row behinf the President and especially that all is well. 

  3. Betsy Good at

    So many of us have been there, done that — I’m glad she’s okay now.  Come on, FDA — approve those artificial pancreases !

  4. rich abeleson at

    You’re all missing the point!! Obama is taxing the CGM she is wearing on her left arm.  Cool aid drinkers, WAKE UP!

  5. Paul at

    Every time my kiddo is up on stage for a choir concert, this is what I look for. Glad to hear Karmel is ok.

  6. KJ at

    Agree Betsy..!!
    So many people have commented on other websites how they believe this was staged. That is sad.. All of us Diabetics and our family and friends know we would NEVER stage this. It is never something we want to happen.

  7. Michelle S. at

    I fainted once during each of my 3 diabetic pregnancies and had many close calls.  I so feel for Karmel!  She is a brilliant T1 scientist and so deserves to be caught by the President! 🙂

  8. hmbalison at

    I’m glad Karmel is ok. It will be a story to tell for years.   

  9. Kathy at

    Glad to hear that she is ok.  What an ultimate D-experience!  Stay strong.

  10. kathy at

    Glad to hear that she is ok.  What an ultimate D-experience!  Stay strong.

  11. Andy at

    Did the President *really* catch you? Or did he kindly extend an arm out in order to show compassion, while that guy behind you did all that catching?  

    If the President was more interested in catching you, you’d think he’d turn around a bit more and keep his eyes on the situation rather than looking around elsewhere.

    Seems staged.  

  12. Robert at

    As a healthcare administrator with 40 years of experience both in the federal and private sectors, ACA is the another example of politicians using healthcare as a political tool to pit segments of our society against each other.  ACA is not about making healthcare affordable it is all about political manipulation and the federal government limiting individual’s rights.  As to Ms. Allison while I am personally glad that she is well, she is just another pawn being manipulated by venial politician.  I am deeply offended that the American Diabetes Association afforded her a stage to promote ACA, a law that has since its passage cut Medicare benefits to the elderly.

  13. suzanne at

    Rich. . .you are apparently a “Tea Party” /Kool Aid drinker.  Are you T1D?  Are you the parent, grandparent or spouse of a T1D individual?
    You ARE missing the point.  This is not about taxes.  This about health.  This is about needing fair coverage for all Americans including T1D folks.  If you are not part of the T1D community, you have no concept of the financial, emotional and physical costs of this disease
    Andy, Karmel (and other T1D ‘s) would be so lucky if they were only”staging” these low BG attacks.
    What you saw on the “outside” is nothing compared to the ravages of T1D on the “inside” due to this incurable disease.
    This is not about politics Rich, Andy, etc.  NOT EVERYTHING is about politics.  If you possessed a conscience, you should be ashamed.
    So happy that Karmel is doing well.
    Type One to Type None 🙂

  14. Molly Zin at

    If this isn’t staged, how is it that Obama turns around as if sensing a commotion, looks at Karmel, and THEN she sways backwards? And if you’re standing there and the president suddenly grabs the person next to you, wouldn’t your attention go straight to what was happening right beside you? Why is it that the woman next to Karmel, who happens to be holding on to Karmel, keeps her eyes focused away during the excitement and a big smile spreads across her face? (It’s called duping delight. Most people can’t help smiling when they’re lying or acting and trying to cover it up. The rush of nervous relief when they think they’ve succeeded is overwhelming.) If you watch the tape, you see the woman look at someone in the audience, shake her head slightly, and turn her eyes back to Obama. A few moments later, she looks again at the same person in the audience, nods and mouths “ok” and then bites her lip nervously as she nudges Karmel. The audience person apparently signals Obama, who turns and looks behind him at Karmel, who only then tips herself backwards–a safe way to do it since there is a guy behind her to conveniently steady her (she doesn’t pitch forward or sideways and she certainly doesn’t pass out or fall down.) Meanwhile, the woman next to her keeps her eyes averted, looks down at the floor, presses her lips together and then breaks into a huge smile. Next, a women appears who tenderly escorts Karmel away. The media goes wild and makes sure all of America hears about Obama’s heroics. This happens on Monday. Tuesday at 6:15 AM Eastern–the very next morning, EARLY–I get a nice, professional spam email from Karmel and the American Diabetes Association, titled “Did you see me faint at the White House?” promoting the wonders of Obamacare for diabetics and extolling on how incredibly grateful she is that Obama was there to catch her and that she will finally have options for insurance, along with lots of links to more information about Obamacare. Puhleeeeze. How GULLIBLE do you have to be? Diabetes is a serious illness–how can anyone defend these people for the way they are exploiting it for political gain and LYING about it?

  15. j-live fan at

    As a TID myself, I have to agree with Molly Zin’s critical analysis of the film. 

    I don’t see where the identity of Karmel’s friend, who was doing a total sister-angel routine and then zoned into a disengaged happy space with a goofy smile right at the moment Karmel zombied and timbered, has been revealed. Don’t we get to know this person’s name and what she’s doing there? Another O-Care beneficiary, magnanimously comforting a pregnant lady she bonded with that very day while prepping for their roles as presidential backdrops; or a long-time friend like hand-holding and waist-hugging often conveys; or what?

    So, I’m agnostic on the truth at this point; the vid looks totally fake and somewhat plausibly real at the same time. I’m comfortable playing the fool on that.

    However, this now has to be by far the most famous low-blood sugar episode (or, was it? Could it have been high, or even normal, blood sugar with some other imbalance?) in history. Karmel Allison should tell us: What BS number did she get with the paramedic/doctor in the immediate aftermath? And what treatment was given: chocolate and a chair? OJ and an ER visit? Aside from anything else about fake or not, these details would be of high intrinsic interest to diabetics and those who care for them. Especially since Karmel has given us very specific numbers in earlier blog posts, she should do so for this as well.

    Finally, I’d like to say to KJ, who said that “diabetics would NEVER stage this”: that is obviously a false assertion on its face. Diabetics, of whom I’m one,  manipulate their blood sugar all the time, e.g., to have a massive bowl of ice cream; if you do it right, you can feel the counteracting forces of the ice cream and the insulin singing in sweet harmony in your body. Oh, yeah, I know all about it, and I say definitively that if you wanted to it would be the easiest thing in the world to stage, whether with a real low blood sugar or with just acting like your blood sugar was low. No harder than acting like you’re drunk, so please, spare us the “shocked, shocked at even the idea” bit, KJ. Thanks.


  16. j-live fan at

    Here’s just another amusing example of diabetic fakery, from back in the days of colorimetric strips of fond memory. I can’t remember where I heard this, but I SWEAR it’s true, lol.

    This teenage girl was producing uncannily uniform readings, every one was a perfect beige on top and a cerulean blue on the bottom, right smack at 100. Well, guess what a lab result revealed: nail polish on the strips! 🙂  

  17. j-live fan at

       Finally, in partial defense of the NON-conspiratorial narrative on this, I would like to highlight for interested readers that sudden low-blood-sugar onset can be swifter and more dangerous now than it was two or three decades ago. That is because animal-based insulin has been replaced with genetically engineered human insulin (produced in E. coli bacterium, I think). Previously, excessive insulin in bloodstream would also be accompanied by an excess of small protein-receptor (animal-human) mismatches, resulting in more pronounced side-effects, such as sweating and trembling, earlier in the process. Now, the insulin so smoothly executes its intended physiological function that it can plunge you into the deep water of a severe low with less warning.

    Or at least, this is my understanding, and for that matter, I’d appreciate any correction. This is not to be construed as medical advice; wish there was a tag for that.

  18. j-live fan at


    Sorry if I was overly harsh earlier; but you might just want to check out Don Weintraub’s article on this very blog, openly boasting about how he purposefully induced low blood sugar and went to the ER on purpose to get his num-num gizmo from the taxpayaz.

  19. j-live fan at

    To Karmel Allison: Could you please educate the public on what your blood sugar was afterwards, and what treatment you received? This is the most publicized diabetic event in history, and as far as I know, there’s no info as to whether your BS was low, high, or normal.

  20. j-live fan at

    BS = “blood sugar,” not a vulgarity. Apologies to those for whom this isn’t accepted shorthand.

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