Novo Nordisk Launches Online Diabetes Support Program

January 13, 2011

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Novo Nordisk launched Cornerstones4Care™, a comprehensive, highly customizable online support program for people living with diabetes.

The program aims to be a one-stop source to learn about diabetes and innovative Novo Nordisk treatment options and delivery device systems. People can also receive recipes, look up food nutritional values, connect with others and even receive daily action plans all tailored to a patient’s lifestyle and information needs.
The program focuses on four “cornerstones” of diabetes control – checking blood sugar, eating healthy, engaging in physical activity and taking diabetes medicines. The program brings together a number of unique features in one place: diabetes and treatment information, interactive and downloadable tools, and strategies for dealing with special situations. This includes things like travel, support for checking blood sugar, and innovative resources to make it easy and fun to eat healthy foods and be active.

Patients can also log on to to see if they qualify for a money-saving offer on Novo Nordisk insulin products.

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