Russia First Country to Approve Porcine Islet Cell Transplants

December 17, 2010

Living Cell Technologies announced that its Russian subsidiary, LCT Biomedical Limited, has received registration of the company’s groundbreaking diabetes treatment, DIABECELL, as a marketable medical technology in Russia. Registration allows for the sale and use of the DIABECELL technology in the treatment of type 1 diabetes in Russia.

The type 1 diabetes treatment involves inserting insulin-producing pig cells (islet cells) into the pancreas to replace the patient’s own cells. The cells are implanted into the abdomen of patients using a simple laparoscopic procedure, and work by self-regulating and efficiently secreting insulin in the patient’s body.

The registration was granted following clinical trials conducted in Russia with patients suffering from insulin dependent type 1 diabetes. The trials demonstrated that treatment safely reduces a patient’s need for insulin.


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