Fight Diabetes and Obesity With Asparagus, Artichokes, and Garlic

Raise up your asparagus spear and fight! Diabetes UK is funding research into foods such as garlic, chicory, asparagus and artichokes, according to a report in Telegraph. These foods, known as fermentable carbohydrates, are thought to activate the release of gut hormones that reduce appetite. It is believed such fermentable carbohydrates also enhance sensitivity to insulin, potentially leading to better glucose control. Read more

Parchment Baked Scallops and Asparagus

Scallops are a great addition to any diet – they are low in fat and high in both omega-3 fatty acids and vitamin B12. This recipe is very simple yet with its impressive presentation, your guests will never know just how easy it was to prepare. The serving size could be easily manipulated to work as a first course. Read more

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