If a Diabetic Runs a Half-Marathon in the Woods…

Hey, so, guys? I ran a half-marathon. Really! I didn’t really plan on it– on Wednesday, my roommate here in Kuopio, Finland, mentioned that there was a marathon that Saturday, which was coincidentally my last weekend here in Finland. I … Read more

Hawaiian Vacation Gets a Perfect 100

It’s been a wonderful week.  I had the privilege of traveling to the Hawaiian island of Oahu for this past week and loved every minute of it.  Living in Washington, everyone talks about going to Hawaii like people in my … Read more

Speaking of Guilt and Unexpected Outcomes

As I go about my diabetes-infused world, I keep coming back to this idea that I lack good ways for explaining the severity of Type I to people who don’t have Type I.  Keep in mind that I am being … Read more

Stabilize Your Blood Sugar, Really?

To diabetics, B.S. stands for blood sugar.  We all know the other meaning of B.S.  And when it comes to talk of blood sugar there’s a lot of bullshit going around – the most annoying of which, I believe, is … Read more

It’s Almost Tri Time

This morning marks two weeks until the Black Diamond Multi-Sport Weekend here in the Seattle area.  I decided to participate in this sprint triathlon about two months ago, after attending the Sports and Diabetes Group Northwest summer workshop.  I was … Read more

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