I Feel Like a CGM

My initials are JPA, not CGM.  Right?  But yet, more often than not, I feel like a continuous glucose monitor.  Like anyone who lives with or has a family member with type 1 diabetes – blood glucose numbers are a … Read more

The CGM makes life easier, but it’s no cure

Two weeks into Sacha’s use of the Dexcom continuous glucose monitor, and the excitement is over. Yes, the CGM is great. No, it didn’t make his type 1 diabetes go away. I suppose it’s like every new toy that you … Read more

Dexcom G4 PLATINUM CGM: Conference Call for the DOC

Like many of you, I woke up Monday morning to the news that the FDA had approved Dexcom’s newest generation continuous glucose monitoring system, the Dexcom G4 PLATINUM system. For me, it was a moment of mixed emotion: jubilation at … Read more

New Continuous Glucose Sensor System Developed by PositiveID

PositiveID Corporation announced that it has successfully created and laboratory-tested a stable and reproducible closed-cycle, continuous glucose sensing system that functions in the human blood fractions that are relevant to glucose analysis in the human body. PositiveID’s development of the glucose sensor, which is based on RECEPTORS LLC’s (“Receptors”) proprietary chemistry platform… Read more

Dexcom’s Irritating <55 Alarm

It pains me to vent about the amazing Dexcom, but I have a frustration. It’s the must-always-be-turned-on <55 alarm that Dexcom has built in. For starters, I love Dexcom. I hate life without Dexcom. When I’ve run out of sensors, … Read more

Sudden Sensor Death Syndrome

The Medtronic continuous glucose monitor that I wear has sensors that are FDA approved for 3 days at a time. Given, however, the expense and the pain involved with replacing the sensor, I, like many others, try to wear the … Read more

Medtronic Launches New Improved CGM Sensor

Medtronic has launched the Enlite Sensor, the newest and most advanced glucose sensor for continuous glucose monitoring (CGM), in more than 35 countries outside of the United States.
The new Enlite Sensor combines greater comfort with improved glucose sensor performance in both overall accuracy and detection of hypoglycemia… Read more

Continuous Glucose Monitoring Improves Blood Sugar Control In Type 1 Diabetics

A new study designed to evaluate the effect of continuous glucose monitoring on hypoglycemia in type 1 diabetes has found that continuous glucose monitoring both reduces the amount of time spent by type 1 diabetes patients in hypoglycemia and improves HbA1c levels. The results appear in the April addition of Diabetes Care…. Read more

Thinking about Continuous Glucose Monitoring

Deciding to postpone yesterday’s run to this morning, following my hypoglycemic episode was the right thing to do. I woke up at 5:00am this morning and checked my BS – it was 223. High, very high, but I knew this … Read more

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