Quick Correction

It is now ten hours later and I have two corrections to today’s earlier post. First, I need to apologize to the pomelo I ate this morning for blaming it for the off taste of my cottage cheese. I tasted … Read more

Sixty Bucks Gone, At The Press Of a Button

I am on deadline for another story but must write a quick post about my thumb. Because, simply put, it just fucked up. I was putting together a somewhat nasty breakfast of cottage cheese and pomelo (nasty because pomelo — … Read more

Diabetes Apps, COBRA, Diabetic Ear Buds and More!

My mind is jumping around a bit this morning — I woke up with a Phil Collins song in my head (never a good sign) and immediately had to try to figure out the opening piano section of “Against All … Read more

A Diabetic Addiction

Do you ever feel like diabetes gear is addictive? Or, rather, that it doesn’t take long to become dependent on something that, just weeks earlier, wasn’t a part of your life at all? I remember feeling that way when I … Read more

Give Abbott Your Feedback

I love my CGM, don’t get me wrong. But there are times when I run into problems with my continuous glucometer, like when it falls off during exercise, or when I rupture a blood vessel and bleed all over the … Read more

A Thanksgiving Shout-Out

It is T minus 24 hours before Thanksgiving, and my family has officially descended. I just spent the morning with my mother at Whole Foods, where I discovered that a taste for triple creme really does run in the family … Read more

Graphic Content: When Good Glucometers Go Bad

If you’ve clicked on this post, it’s probably too late to warn you — but I’ll try anyway: this post contains blood. If you don’t enjoy the idea of a dripping wound on your thigh, you might want to click … Read more

Seeing Glucose

Whether flesh and blood or plastic and silicon; the cure for late stage diabetics will be a new pancreas. How to build a mechanical version is the question addressed in a recent review by M. Hoshino and colleagues. We refer … Read more

Where to wear your CGM

I’ve been using the Abbott Freestyle Navigator continuous glucometer for about 10 months now, and in concept, I love it — it lets me see my blood sugar levels in near real time (okay, it lets me see my interstitial … Read more

Murphy’s Law Of Diabetes

I just got back from a weekend in Yosemite, notable not just for its vistas, sheer granite walls and abundant wildlife, but for the fact that my continuous glucometer totally broke. Yup, the receiver for my Navigator — mentioned in … Read more

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