Graphic Content: When Good Glucometers Go Bad

If you’ve clicked on this post, it’s probably too late to warn you — but I’ll try anyway: this post contains blood. If you don’t enjoy the idea of a dripping wound on your thigh, you might want to click … Read more

Seeing Glucose

Whether flesh and blood or plastic and silicon; the cure for late stage diabetics will be a new pancreas. How to build a mechanical version is the question addressed in a recent review by M. Hoshino and colleagues. We refer … Read more

Where to wear your CGM

I’ve been using the Abbott Freestyle Navigator continuous glucometer for about 10 months now, and in concept, I love it — it lets me see my blood sugar levels in near real time (okay, it lets me see my interstitial … Read more

Murphy’s Law Of Diabetes

I just got back from a weekend in Yosemite, notable not just for its vistas, sheer granite walls and abundant wildlife, but for the fact that my continuous glucometer totally broke. Yup, the receiver for my Navigator — mentioned in … Read more

Continuous Monitoring

After a brief hiatus, I’m back with great news: I got a continuous glucose monitor.  Yes — somehow, despite all the horror stories that I’ve heard about trying to get insurance coverage, I managed to rush through an order for … Read more

Diabetic Horse to Get CGM?

Remember a while back when I wrote about Justin Credible, the world’s first horse to be diagnosed with Type 1 diabetes? (If memory fails, click here.) Well, here’s a follow-up from a website called (appropriately enough) It says that … Read more

All Calm On The Diabetic Front

No real news to report this morning — diabetes still exists; no one’s found a cure since last night. I’m about to have a phone conversation with an insurance salesman to see if it makes sense for me to switch … Read more

Want a continuous glucometer? Me, too.

Here is something I’m grateful for: I have never had to test my blood sugar by peeing on a stick. My glucometer and my pump make life with diabetes easier than I probably could even imagine. But there are still … Read more

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