Continuous Monitoring

After a brief hiatus, I’m back with great news: I got a continuous glucose monitor.  Yes — somehow, despite all the horror stories that I’ve heard about trying to get insurance coverage, I managed to rush through an order for … Read more

Diabetic Horse to Get CGM?

Remember a while back when I wrote about Justin Credible, the world’s first horse to be diagnosed with Type 1 diabetes? (If memory fails, click here.) Well, here’s a follow-up from a website called (appropriately enough) It says that … Read more

All Calm On The Diabetic Front

No real news to report this morning — diabetes still exists; no one’s found a cure since last night. I’m about to have a phone conversation with an insurance salesman to see if it makes sense for me to switch … Read more

Want a continuous glucometer? Me, too.

Here is something I’m grateful for: I have never had to test my blood sugar by peeing on a stick. My glucometer and my pump make life with diabetes easier than I probably could even imagine. But there are still … Read more

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