Days Are Getting Shorter, Climbs Are Getting Longer

Summer has just begun in Seattle.  No, really.  There was a depressing article written about how there had been very few days of summer “so far” in 2011 and that article was written in mid-July.  It is fair, then, to … Read more

What It Means to Climb in Diabetes Cahoots

I had a special guest when I went climbing last weekend:  friend and fellow ASweetLife contributor, Karmel Allison.  Karmel has family in the area, so she suggested that we get together during one of her trips up north.  We met … Read more

Climb Back In, Climb Back Up

Getting back into climbing is like getting back into anything, I suppose.  You decide you’re going to do it and you throw yourself back into it.  You lower your standards for your performance and you cut yourself some slack and … Read more

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