Eyeballs out

ChildI have beendiabetic longer than you are oldlong i chiiiilda gentle gnawinga slow abrasionand now you sayyou say let’spluck out her eyenow there’s the long iand so they willvacuum it outa routine pluckingthroooop like thatthousands thousandsa year and I thinkof … Read more

Dangers from Without and Within

“I’ve always understood that the job of insulin was to move glucose from the blood into the cell, which is why in the absence of sufficient insulin, glucose ends up hanging out in the blood, picking fights and causing trouble. So … Read more

The Sorbitol Blues

Whether type 1 or type 2, the number one obsession for the diabetic individual is blood glucose. There is good reason for this. The host of complications that await the unfortunates who do not control their blood glucose level is … Read more

Unfettered RAGE

Glucose, that innocuous sweet molecule, is reactive. Chemically, what happens is that glucose has a slight reducing capacity (i.e. the capacity to accept electrons) and it is quite happy to accept electrons from the epsilon amino group of the amino … Read more

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