In Europe, Medtronic Launches The MiniMed Duo, First Combined Glucose Sensor and Insulin Infusion Set

Medtronic has announced the European launch of MiniMed Duo, the world’s first two-in-one glucose sensor and insulin infusion set, simplifying integrated insulin pump therapy and continuous glucose monitoring (CGM). MiniMed Duo, which is used with the MiniMed Veo system (the European version of the Minimed 530G), makes it easier for more people with diabetes to benefit from CGM. Read more

Azurite: Attempting to Develop a Noninvasive Continuous Glucose Monitor

Azurite’s idea is based on the fact that an electromagnetic signal, depending on its wavelength, can bounce off a surface and return to its source with a particular pattern reflective of the surface it encountered. Glucose molecules, like any material, reflect a unique electromagnetic signal based on their inherent electrical properties. So Azurite hopes to bounce an electromagnetic signal off the glucose in your blood, Read more

The Ups and Downs of Starting a Child on a CGM

Just as Bisi was the one to nudge us into getting her on an insulin pump, she has now pushed us to get her a Constant Glucose Monitor (CGM)—the Dexcom Platinum. I’m not quite sure why she was so insistent … Read more

My Overwhelming First Days with a Dexcom CGM

When it came to using the data the Dexcom CGM was giving me on my blood sugar levels, the first day was a self-induced roller coaster nightmare. What left me feeling so anxious wasn’t actually the number on the screen or the programmed alarms I’d been advised by three experienced, certified diabetes educators to set at 75 mg/dL and 140 mg/dL. Instead, it was the arrows. Read more

A Non-Invasive CGM Explained: Echo Therapeutics’ Symphony

Yesterday I had the chance to visit the Philadelphia headquarters of Echo Therapeutics, a small company working to develop a new non-invasive — that is, totally needle-free — continuous glucose monitoring system called the Symphony CGM.
Read more

The Highs and Lows of the Continuous Glucose Monitor

In June 2012, I was lucky enough to receive a Dexcom Continuous Glucose Monitor from my healthcare provider. It took a while for me to get acquainted with it, but now that I have almost a half-years’ worth of experience, … Read more

The CGM makes life easier, but it’s no cure

Two weeks into Sacha’s use of the Dexcom continuous glucose monitor, and the excitement is over. Yes, the CGM is great. No, it didn’t make his type 1 diabetes go away. I suppose it’s like every new toy that you … Read more

Comparing Dexcom G4 Platinum and Medtronic Minimed

I am able to wear the CGM places other than my abdomen, which I was terrified to even try with the Minimed. Thus far, I have worn the Dexcom on my lower back (worked all right, but sub-optimally; it was prone to getting knocked and jostled off) and my arm (works capitally). This ability to move the sensor around opens up my abdomen, which was getting bruised and scarred to the point of not being usable. Read more

Dexcom G4 Platinum – First Impressions

So, last week I came home to an exciting delivery from FedEx: my brand new Dexcom G4 Platinum  system! Unfortunately, my excitement was tempered by the fact that the system did not come with any sensors; those were shipped separately and … Read more

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