Sweet Tooth…Or Not

It’s no secret that when someone is diagnosed with diabetes, they’re told to limit the amount of dessert they eat. But the flip side of this is also true. At times, diabetics have to eat sweet foods when they don’t want to, i.e., when they have low blood sugar. Read more

A Walk in the Sun

I am not the type of person who likes to go to the gym. The ritual of packing a bag, driving to the gym, changing clothes, working out, showering, changing clothes, and driving home again always seems like such a … Read more

Avandia and exercise

If you are taking Avandia or Actos and you have been reading about heart disease you may be concerned and you should be. As a class, these drugs increase your risk of heart disease and recent studies are confirming what … Read more

Exercise and beta cell function

Insulin resistance, the hallmark of prediabetes, is compensated for by an increase in insulin output. Since the pancreas will eventually work itself to death it would behoove us to decrease the work load of this poor organ. A great deal … Read more

Type 2 Diabetes: A Metabolic Disorder

Unlike the more aggressive form of diabetes, Type 1, where the immune system actively searches out and kills islet cells, in Type 2, the cells die through a long process of overwork and poor waste management. Insulin, as you probably … Read more

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