Another Reason to Hate Halloween

Bisi had her lowest blood sugar yet this past weekend, and the scariest thing about it was that it’s not totally clear to me how it happened. It all unfolded on a walk the day after Halloween, that holiday that … Read more

8 Allergy Friendly Halloween Treats

I love black cats, pumpkins, and kids in adorable costumes, but I hate Halloween. As the parent of a child with food allergies, it is truly a terrifying holiday. I know that some parents of children with diabetes feel the same way. Because… how do you keep your child safe when sugar and allergens are everywhere? Read more

Halloween Tips From Parents of Children With Diabetes

Most kids love Halloween. Can you blame them? It’s a holiday loaded with creepy crawly things, costumes, parties, and of course, candy. I recall the trick-or-treating loot my brother and I brought home in our childhood. We always had enough candy to last for months. We didn’t usually keep all of the candy, but one year my brother outsmarted everyone and hid some in his desk drawer. Read more

It’s Halloween: Hold the Treats

A lot of people who follow my blog suggested that I write about Halloween, and the difficulty of facing a night of obsessive candy-collecting when your child has type 1 diabetes. I wasn’t going to, since I figured that this … Read more

Children With Diabetes Can Eat Candy

The candy situation is even more complicated for parents of children with diabetes. Not only are they faced with all of the candy, they have to figure out how to bolus for it. Factor in the candy they saw their child eat. Factor in the candy they think their child ate when no one was looking. Read more

A Black Cat Halloween

I’m going to say this as bluntly as possible:  Halloween sucks if you’re a diabetic.  I know some of you will argue with me that there are many candy-free ways to enjoy the holiday (costumes, pumpkins, haunted houses, etc), but … Read more


Regular versus sugar-free candy — who will win?
Full disclosure: I’m not diabetic. But my step-sister is — and in point of fact, she learned that she was diabetic after over-gorging on Halloween candy at age ten. Read more

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