The Urgent State of Diabetes

One of the fastest growing epidemics in America, and the world, doesn’t have enough health care providers (HCPS). Not even close. So how are we going to handle the flood of diabetes patients coming at our health care system like … Read more

A Healthcare Follow-Up

First of all, thank you to everyone who commented on my post yesterday about the long-term consequences that the new American healthcare legislation might  have for the treatment options for people with diabetes. I’m used to getting comments (from other … Read more

Healthcare and Diabetes

Last night, the United States Congress voted to pass the much debated healthcare bill. It was a moment likely celebrated by thousands of people just like me, whose status as Type 1 diabetics means that we are automatically disqualified from … Read more

Diabetes May Create A Chasm Between Patient, Doctor

People with diabetes of all ages, from all walks of life, are regularly reprimanded, shamed and degraded by healthcare professionals when they don’t meet medical standards for normal blood glucose levels… Read more

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