Islet Cell Transplantation Right Under the Skin

Dr. James Shapiro, the man who perfected the islet cell transplant to cure type 1 diabetes, is evolving his groundbreaking research by working on a method of implanting insulin-producing cells under a person’s skin to try and stamp out the condition once and for all. Read more

An Attempt to Cure Type 1 Diabetes

Of course, given the opportunity cure type 1 diabetes, to eradicate the condition causing me to take insulin injections twice a day, causing me to black out a few times a year, destroying my fingertips with blood sugar testing, and generally making my life unpleasant and inconvenient on one side of the scale and a living hell on the other, I leapt at it. Read more

Curing Diabetes: Would I Do It Again?

The first day off insulin I ate a ham sandwich. My blood sugar didn’t go up. Now I knew how regular people felt after they ate a sandwich. I considered it a miracle… Read more

Russia First Country to Approve Porcine Islet Cell Transplants

Living Cell Technologies announced that its Russian subsidiary, LCT Biomedical Limited, has received registration of the company’s groundbreaking diabetes treatment, DIABECELL, as a marketable medical technology in Russia. Registration allows for the sale and use of the DIABECELL technology in the treatment of type 1 diabetes in Russia…. Read more

Islet Sheet Technology

The Islet Sheet looks like a clear business card and feels wet and slick on the finger. You can see the islets, which look to the naked eye like fine white sand… Read more

Frequent Flier Miles For Your Pancreas

As befits its subject, I’m writing this post from a plane — a  company was giving out free coupons for in-flight wireless internet, so I’m spending my flight home to New York engaging in everyone’s in-flight entertainment of choice: reading … Read more

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