JDRF and Eli Lilly to Fund Regenerative Medicine Research for Type 1 Diabetes

JDRF and Eli Lilly signed an agreement to fund early-stage research that could enable patients with type 1 diabetes to regenerate the insulin-producing cells destroyed by the disease. The goal of this research agreement is to understand how selected cells can be reprogrammed in order to convert them into insulin-producing cells in the body. This research is an example of regenerative medicine… Read more

New Recommendations For Artificial Pancreas Development

A panel of experts convened by the FDA and NIH to try to advance research and development of the artificial pancreas put forth clinical recommendations to ensure the safe and effective testing of artificial pancreas technology in real-life situations.
The experts are in agreement that even with the advanced treatments available today… Read more

Wireless CGM Sensor – A Milestone on the Way to an Artificial Pancreas

Researchers from the University of California San Diego and GlySens Inc. have developed an implantable sensor that measures blood sugar continuously and transmits the information without wires, according to a Reuters report .
The device worked in one pig for more than a year and in another for nearly 10 months with no trouble, and the researchers hope to start a human study within a few months… Read more

JDRF and Sanofi-aventis Join Forces in Search of Cure for Type 1 Diabetes

Sanofi-aventis and the Juvenile Diabetes Research Foundation (JDRF) announced a unique partnership to develop therapeutic treatments for people with type 1 diabetes at different stages of the disease – both those living with the disease and the newly diagnosed – as well as preventing diabetes in those at risk… Read more

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