Zhoug (Yemenite Hot Sauce)

Zhoug (Skhug or Zhug) is a great hot sauce that borders on being a spicy pesto. In the Middle East it is the hot sauce condiment… Read more

Cucumber Yogurt Salad

We’ve been lucky with the weather this week and the warm days inspired me to create a recipe for cucumber yogurt salad. This salad has a Middle Eastern flair to it that you can’t miss. You could easily find it served at a meal with hummus, tahini, and tabouleh. But I like to make a large bowl of it and eat it for breakfast after a long run. It’s filling, easy to make and tastes great. Read more

Diabetes Epidemic in the Middle East

The New York Times reported on the rapidly growing diabetes epidemic in the Middle East and North Africa and the financial burden of health care costs to the region’s governments.
Six countries in the region are among the top 10 globally with the highest prevalence of diabetes. They include the United Arab Emirates, showing the second-highest rate in the world — behind only the tiny Pacific island state of Nauru — followed by Bahrain, Egypt, Kuwait, Oman and Saudi Arabia… Read more

Novo Nordisk to Sponsor Diabetes Leadership Forum in Dubai

The Middle East and Northern Africa (MENA) region is facing one of the greatest healthcare challenges of our time: the diabetes pandemic. It is estimated that 26.6 million people in the region have diabetes and this number is set to double to 51.7 million by 2030.
To help find solutions to this challenge, Novo Nordisk is sponsoring a Diabetes Leadership Forum on 12-13 December in Dubai. At the Forum, a group of over 600 regional… Read more

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