Was Blind But Now I See

Great news from the continuous glucometer front: I returned home yesterday to find a replacement for my Freestyle Navigator receiver on my doorstep. I now have a sensor on my stomach (it looks like I have a small, square tumor) … Read more

Murphy’s Law Of Diabetes

I just got back from a weekend in Yosemite, notable not just for its vistas, sheer granite walls and abundant wildlife, but for the fact that my continuous glucometer totally broke. Yup, the receiver for my Navigator — mentioned in … Read more

Prior Authorization

So, thanks to United Healthcare’s  policy toward continuous glucose monitors, I have been enjoying Abbott’s Freestyle Navigator for about a month now. The sensor is large, and there’s a part of the battery that keeps wearing into my skin, leaving … Read more

If There Were A Hell For Diabetes

. . . I know where it would be. On Monday night my husband and I, depressed about a movie we’d just seen, decided to grab dinner before heading home. The only place open was Fenton’s Ice Cream parlor, an … Read more

Happy Anniversary!

Okay, so that’s a shout-out to me: today marks 8 years since I was diagnosed with Type 1 diabetes. I can remember it (sort of) clearly:  puking, stumbling to the campus health center and writing down a list of seemingly … Read more

A Pastry Sin

As anyone with diabetes knows, managing this disease well requires constant self control and denial — and if you’re diagnosed as an adult, the transition to diabetic living can be pretty shocking. Like, for example, going to the grocery store … Read more

Continuous Monitoring

After a brief hiatus, I’m back with great news: I got a continuous glucose monitor.  Yes — somehow, despite all the horror stories that I’ve heard about trying to get insurance coverage, I managed to rush through an order for … Read more

Big Butts For Diabetes

You’ve got to love this headline from the Times of India: “Big Bottom Can Cut Diabetes Risk.” Yes, you read that right. And the lede is almost as satisfying: “Here’s some good news for women who find it hard to squeeze … Read more

Oh, Cruel Cocoa

Forgive me for my temporary silence — holidays got a little out of control. Luckily, this did not involve my normal year-end excessive consumption of Fromage d’Affinois, but I did run into a little food problem: Williams and Sonoma Peppermint … Read more

Diabetic Horse to Get CGM?

Remember a while back when I wrote about Justin Credible, the world’s first horse to be diagnosed with Type 1 diabetes? (If memory fails, click here.) Well, here’s a follow-up from a website called (appropriately enough) thehorse.com. It says that … Read more

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