The Grateful Diabetic

I was just eating all the foam off the top of a cappuccino and had a sudden moment of gratitude for carbohydrates. Or, rather, all the tasty foods that don’t have them. Usually I’m so focused on the foods I … Read more

A New Step For Stem Cells

Novocell, a San Diego-based stem cell engineering company, just announced that it’s going to partner up with Japanese researcher Shinya Yamanaka of Kyoto University to work on stem cell treatments for type 1. Why is this exciting? First, anything with … Read more

Could A Girl’s Baby Sister Provide A Cure?

I just read a fascinating article from the News-Record about ongoing research involving collecting amniotic fluid of diabetics’ siblings, in hopes that the fluid’s stem cells might eventually help reverse diabetes. The article focuses on a family whose daughter, Chandler, … Read more

Bluestone/Leukemia Drug Update

As fellow reluctant diabetics know, Dr. Jeffrey Bluestone believes the results of his highly publicized type-1-diabetes/leukemia drug study have been exaggerated. (See here.) But this latest article fromFirst Coast News suggests that even though the excitement surrounding the trial was overblown, … Read more

Feeling Crabby

I’ll admit it: I am exhausted right now, and don’t particularly feel like writing about diabetes. Nor do I feel like dealing with diabetes. But since from as far as I can tell, I still am wearing an insulin pump, I … Read more

Hey diabetes — want the day off?

Today, dear readers, is my 30th birthday. I was hoping this wouldn’t happen — my dream was that I would enter some sort of time warp and get stuck permanently at 29. (Though I suppose according to many women, that’s … Read more

A Diabetic . . . Horse?

When it comes to Type 1 diabetes, I think there’s one thing almost worse than having the disease yourself: having a kid with diabetes. I cannot imagine the stress parents must feel trying to constantly monitor their children’s glucose levels, … Read more

All Calm On The Diabetic Front

No real news to report this morning — diabetes still exists; no one’s found a cure since last night. I’m about to have a phone conversation with an insurance salesman to see if it makes sense for me to switch … Read more

A1c Converter

I just got my A1c back and have had a hard time finding a calculator online to see what the number actually correlates to, average blood sugar-wise. So just in case you’re having the same problem, here’s one from Accucheck … Read more

Right On Target

If you look at my little food diary (which I’ve stopped keeping over the past couple days, for shame) and read the part about my target blood glucose levels, you’ll see that I’m setting myself up for failure. I want … Read more

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