Diabetes and Depression: Duh

This just in from Reuters: researchers have found that depression might make it harder for diabetics to keep their blood sugar levels in check. The researchers, based out of the Medical University of South Carolina in Charleston, looked at the … Read more

Going to Confession

This has nothing to do with research, but I need a moment to express how not excited I am about my Friday. I have a checkup with my endocrinologist, an appointment that I dread since, for reasons that are not … Read more

A Caveat About That Leukemia Drug “Cure”

Right after reading the news of the success of leukemia drugs in reversing type 1 diabetes in mice, I emailed the lead researcher, Dr. Jeffrey Bluestone at UCSF, to find out more about his study. He wrote back the following … Read more

Diabetic Annoyance #4295

I woke up this morning with blood sugar of 150. (I usually wake up between 80 and 110.) So I took some insulin, and then didn’t eat anything. Checked again. It went up to 170. Since then, it hasn’t been … Read more

Be afraid. Be very afraid.

I like to think that when it comes to fear, I keep things in perspective. And when my rational mind can’t control my anxiety, I try to figure out ways to deal with it. When I’m about to take-off on … Read more

Want a continuous glucometer? Me, too.

Here is something I’m grateful for: I have never had to test my blood sugar by peeing on a stick. My glucometer and my pump make life with diabetes easier than I probably could even imagine. But there are still … Read more

Food Logs

Among the many, many irritating things about having diabetes are the four-times-a-year check ups. It’s not so much the appointment itself that bothers me; it’s the way it makes me recognize, in a way I usually try to ignore, that … Read more

Happy World Diabetes Day!

Did you know that November 14th was World Diabetes Day? I didn’t. But as luck would have it, today is the day I am officially launching the Reluctant Diabetic, my long-overdue online attempt to unite the diabetics of the world. … Read more

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