You, Too, Can Run Around In Public In Your Underwear

Yesterday, I had the privilege of running around Seattle’s Fremont neighborhood in some combination of my underwear.  Don’t worry; I was not alone.  In fact, I was joined by at least a couple-few hundred people, all of whom were scantily … Read more

Running a Marathon for Diabetes

Last Thursday I ran the Tiberias Marathon (again). The weather forecast predicted a storm for marathon day. On the drive up to Tiberias the day before the marathon the sky was gray and it looked as if a big storm … Read more

Diabetes Taperitis

Diabetes Taperitis is not an actual medical condition, but it describes quite well what I’ve been going through during the past few days. The Tiberias marathon is three days away and as it approaches I feel myself getting more and … Read more

One Run and Two Lows

I am four weeks away from the Tiberias Marathon and one week from tapering. This is supposed to be my peak training week in which I run 60+ miles including a 24 mile run (plus a warm up). This morning … Read more

Blood Sugar Control and Running: Still A Mystery

Since going on the pump I’ve been trying to relearn my body and the way it burns sugars while I run. I did an experiment like this once before when I was training for the 2011 Tiberias marathon (a year … Read more

A1C and Race Results – Striving for Better

Whenever I run a race, no matter what the distance, I always want to do better than before.  I want to set a new personal record. It doesn’t matter how much better, as long as I shave off a little time from … Read more

The Perfect Race

One of my basic running rules is to try to get a good night’s sleep on the night before a race.  But, on Monday night that was pretty much impossible.  A few nights ago, Jessica decided to stop nursing Adam.  … Read more

Dream Running

Last night I dreamt I was running. It was one of those vivid dreams, so real it doesn’t seem like a dream at all. In my dream I was fast and light, like those runners I can’t help but envy as … Read more

Running with Diabetes Supplies

Any diabetic can tell you that diabetes comes with a lot of stuff. You have your glucometer kit which you need to take with you every where you go, your insulin, pens, shots or pump, emergency sugar packet and all … Read more

Tales of Ridicule–From Me Not “Them”

Who among us hasn’t been the brunt of sugar-related jokes?  I was at a dinner for work, for instance, and started talking about how excited I was for dessert.  The waiter must have overheard me because he brought out the … Read more

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